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    LG "super resolution" function on monitor

    Anyone else got LG, or any other brand Monitor really... that can be set to "super resolution"?
    The resolution itself doesn't change at all... 1080p on all settings, all it does is just sharpens everything.
    There are 4 modes:
    off, which looks blurry,
    low, just like any other monitor... sharp... all good,
    and then there's medium, which looks like those over-sharpened photos we all made with photoshop at least once,
    and like that's not enough - there's high, which is just ridiculous...
    hm I wonder if i can take some photos or screenshots...
    Anyway, my question is - what the hell is the deal with it? Why is it even an option?
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    "super resolution" is an upscaling function on LG monitors. If your computer or whatever is outputting 1080p you should turn "super resolution" off.

    If "normal" looks blurry that means you're probably not outputting 1080p or your house is built on an ancient burial ground and the demons are trying to steal your soul.
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    LG's super resolution is to sharpen / clear up upscaled video. It's not meant for normal use outside of media. Name may be a bit misleading I suppose, but it has nothing to do with down sampling (higher to lower res).

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