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    Paladin Discord Server (UPDATED)

    Hey there so I've made this post before in the ret theorycraft/discussion thread and I thought now that I've improved upon the server a bit more it should be fitting to create a forum post about it as well.

    What is Discord?

    It's an application with an in-browser client, downloadable client and mobile application with the ability to provide text/voice chat among other players. Think like mumble/IRC combined in a really nice looking interface. Personally I follow about a dozen other communities on discord and they're all great not to mention that they're always adding new features and have great support for users.

    What happened to the IRC?/ What is the point of this?

    Simply put, it wasn't good or effective, hard to login without using a 3rd party client, looked really bad and was really inactive.

    The point at least when I created it was to help build a stronger sense of community among all paladins and their respective specs, bnet/MMOC forums have been awful for a while now, with this application it's a lot easier to communicate with other paladin-like individuals, not just limited to the boundaries of NA but also EU, and even other continents.

    Is this a troll to steal my credit card number and DDOS me?

    No. Hopefully this screenshot is proof enough.

    Cool how do I join? What are the rules? How do I get an invite?


    The link above is a link to the general rules/guidelines and index of the Discord server. Any questions you have could probably be answered somewhere in there.


    This link is an invite to the discord server if you have it installed already.


    Server now includes FAQ channels providing resources for all specs to use.
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    great place to go and talk shop my fellow rets

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    Forgot to mention. I'm looking for new moderators now that I've made the other channels. If anyone who mostly plans to hang around the prot/holy channels is interested in becoming an admin please feel free to contact me

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    Can confirm has paladin channel.
    Let the shilling start.

    Also for prot paladins, there is another all tank general discord which you can get from my signature :>

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    MMOC forums have been awful +1

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    bumping, lets get mad about alpha builds

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