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    Best looking guild websites

    hi all,

    In a slow preparation for upcoming expansion I am thinking about revamping our guild's website.

    I was wondering if you could recommend any good looking guild pages - either your own or the ones you know of. I would be very much interested in seeing top of the line sites.

    Also, what are the options for hosting guild sites - is enjin still the king or are there better solutions?

    thanks for all your input.

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    anyone? or perhaps there is a better subforum for this?

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    My guild has been around for 8+ years, and we stopped using our guild forum maybe 6 years ago.

    No point in a guild forum when you can make a guild facebook group, which IMO is much better.

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    Guild websites have kind of moved to be the face of the guild towards the rest of the community. Cant recommend any good websites but keep in mind for the guilds private communications there are many smoother experiences than a forum, like the poster above said a facebook group. But you know, guild websites, face of the guild, I think that a good guild website should be simple, basically a newsfeed(if you care, dont be the guild posting killpics for every kill(unless mythic)), an about the guild page, maybee even a roster page with ranks, a contact page for people to get in touch with officers(in game name, btag), a gallery perhaps with some screenshots of your guild acitivities for people to look at, and most importantly an application system/application page where you describe your application process and what you require of applicants. Note this doesnt have to be a fucking survey, a simple set of rules and then a "get incontact with officers to apply" is fine. Keep it simple, think "what do we want people to see when they find our guild page". In house stuff such and random banter and guild discussions should take place in a more convenient place, like facebook.

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    Ours does not look flash but it works really well for our community theroyaljesters.eu

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    There are a couple of options, one of which you mentioned. However if you wish to go for a more customizable website there are better ways, in terms of unique design and features.
    You can get a gaming WordPress theme with all gaming specific built-in features. What keeps users engaged is a great look to the website and WordPress does the job best. And your yearly cots will be similar or even cheaper than a website builder (with the exception of using free websites which are llimited in features).
    Sample gaming community theme: http://www.skywarriorthemes.com/blackfyre-theme/
    More of which you can find via google or even better Themeforest.

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    Quote Originally Posted by barial View Post
    My guild has been around for 8+ years, and we stopped using our guild forum maybe 6 years ago.

    No point in a guild forum when you can make a guild facebook group, which IMO is much better.
    This. I used to manage a site for my guild up until WotLK. A Facebook group requires little to no maintenance, easy to use, and let's face it, so many people already use Facebook. Though, I understand that actual forums have their merits, but imo, it's not enough to switch back from Facebook.

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    Hi, sorry to refresh an old thread.

    I'm a web app developer, I'm working on a personal project -- a "Discord first" forum community app.
    You can see my project here --> chiefhappiness.co/cho

    I'm looking for a couple of gaming guilds whom I can work with to continue working on this forum community app.

    Are there any guilds here that might be interested?

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