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    Legion - Shaman Tier 19 Armor Sets, Blue Posts, Tweets, Kobolds, Enhancement Shaman

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    Dustin Tweet Round-Up, Hottest Plays of the Week #58

    Legion - Shaman Tier 19 Armor Sets
    The latest Legion build added most of the Shaman Tier 19 sets. There is a normal Fel color variant that is currently missing some models and it is not included here.

    Blue Posts
    Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
    Tank & Healer Ability Tuning
    Are encounters going to be tuned to have longer time-to-kill for tanks as well?

    I ask because in a world where tanks need to be actively healed, dying so quickly that they must be spammed all of the time (read: less than 3 or 4 seconds for 100-0) just leads to a WotLK situation where one person gets to spam the tank forever and everyone else ignores it and nothing is really any different.

    Absolutely, yes. It's very important that this is the case.

    I'd like to note that "use Active Mitigation to avoid X ability" isn't usually engaging gameplay. How about I use AM because it helps me survive a powerful attack, not because I get a debuff if I don't.
    Binary AM checks like you mention will continue to be extremely rare. They're still an interesting mechanic to see everyone once in a while, but will not be common. Sorry if what I said gave the impression otherwise. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

    New Logging Feature: COMBATANT_INFO
    Cool, yeah most bonus IDs should be relatively easy to determine from the item level. The only bonuses that would be tricky are things like stat variations on e.g. crafted or baleful items, and bonus minor stats on items. Using the stats you could determine that they have e.g. ~3 items with movement speed... but you wouldn't really know how much and on which items.

    You shouldn't need any guessing. Random tertiaries and sockets are a great point about being missing; I'll follow up on that. You really should have everything you need to reconstruct their gear. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

    Classic Realms
    Tom Chilton (Game Director for World of Warcraft) answered a question about classic servers during the BlizzCon 2015 World of Warcraft Q&A.

    While we realise there is a desire for servers running previous versions of the game, we do not have any plans to setup classic servers. The old code is designed to run on the old hardware. The old code brings with it the old data, which includes the old bugs. The natural expectation from players would be that we would fix these bugs to ensure a smooth gameplay experience (along with the need for Customer Support and other dedicated support teams for such realms).

    We feel it is not feasible to support multiple versions of World of Warcraft concurrently, and instead believe that our resources would be better placed continuing to build upon the current live game. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

    Blue Tweets
    Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
    the lovely folk at @BlizzardCS tell me that you are the ones to talk to for getting a tabard locker for my 50+ tabards?
    Tabards are included in the #Legion Transmog improvements, so you have a lot of free closet space in your future! (WarcraftDevs)

    Ghostcrawler Tweets
    Ghostcrawler still occasionally talks about WoW. Remember that he no longer works for or speaks for Blizzard.
    Originally Posted by MMO-Champion
    What's your opinion on limited-access forums readable to public? Example: Master+ and Devs only, readable by public.
    It greatly helps to problem of player to dev ratio being so skewed. Just have to avoid whiff of elitism. (OccupyGStreet)

    Legion - Kobolds
    You will encounter the Kobolds again in Legion and learn a little bit about their history!
    Originally Posted by MMO-Champion
    Kobolds live here long time. Make home in nooks.
    Catch rats. Sometimes eat them.
    Dig for treasure. Trade with harpies.
    They like shinies, we like wax. Fresh from ears is best.
    One day drogbar come in. Say cave is theirs.
    They smash and scare. We take candles and hide.
    Drogbar big and stupid. They have cave, but no have candle.
    Darkness finds them. Darkness follows them.
    Darkness swallows them whole!
    We come back. We have candles.
    Cave ours again. Candles keep us safe.

    Final Boss - Enhancement Shaman
    Final Boss is back with an Enhancement Shaman spec preview!

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    Im really interested in the Kobold lore. I wonder if they know something we dont about old gods/the void/something else.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chickat View Post
    Im really interested in the Kobold lore. I wonder if they know something we dont about old gods/the void/something else.
    The candle is the key.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chickat View Post
    Im really interested in the Kobold lore. I wonder if they know something we dont about old gods/the void/something else.
    They know the secret to defeating the legion.......

    "U no take Candle"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sir Riptor View Post
    They know the secret to defeating the legion.......

    "U no take Candle"
    Better yet the whole reason the Legion wants Azeroth so bad is for the Candle

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    Also i'm guessing the ice shaman sets are for pvp and the fire ones for Pve

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    Well, the fire ones are in faction colors, so prepare to be disappointed on that count. I know I want the red version of the Paladin set, but that ain't gonna happen LOL.

    Also chaud said the missing set (presumably the same as the ice blue model, since it has no duplicate) is the normal mode armor, and it's green.

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    Shaman tier is actually pretty cool!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chickat View Post
    Im really interested in the Kobold lore. I wonder if they know something we dont about old gods/the void/something else.
    Their candles all carry a shard of a shattered Naaru which they all worship.
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    Garrosh did nothing wrong.

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    Damn do shamans always get the coolest looking tier sets? Looks crazy!!

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    Timewalking difficulty wouldn't be a bad idea to get close to doing old raids and content like classic realms do.
    Now, whether or not you get things like the achievement for doing Ulduar in X item level at level 80... it'd be nice to see that implemented, I guess, but I know a lot of people would complain about all the time they had to put in to get their gear, etc.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TrollShaman View Post
    Shaman tier is actually pretty cool!
    Totally agree I am glad that I am maining my shaman in Legion the T19 set looks very cool..

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    Bay is such a hard-headed dingbat for continuing to call it beta when Blizzard themselves calls it alpha.

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    That's some great Kobold lore right there.

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    the kobold lore writer give me hope for a good overall story in legion..

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    I'm not sure about the Kobold Lore piece. On one hand, the Kobold and Candle thing/joke has been around since the start and the most we've ever really got is that they just really like candles even though they would be a fairly poor lightsource in a mine or cave system but seeing it written in a serious tone feels like someone on the writer's team went "Oh yeah, there was that candle thing they did. Welp let's base their whole lives on the things." It just feels like someone took the joke too far especially when the candles are one really small aspect of them that have already been elaborated on.

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    Now that's a good looking tier set and for Shamans at that!

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    Ya you had to WORK back in the old time days of wow but people wouldn't wanna do that

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    So shamans get 3 versions of their tier (still with 6 recolors since 1 is missing right now) while everyone else gets 2? And then whatever crap the LFR/honor set will look like. That's a rather strange decision and I'm shocked other classes aren't complaining they don't get a third version. Why the shaman favoritism with the tier? (I do main a shaman and even I find this unfair to other classes. Personally, I also dislike the look. If I wanted to have a molten look, I'd wear T5. And I HATE SKIRTS! Shoulders also remind me of the paladin T8 from Ulduar in a way.)

    The kobold thing is cute. Read the dialogue expecting it to be a bit more poetic, though. Failed in that regard, but still interesting. Begs the question what's in the darkness that swallowed up the drogbar because they didn't have a candle. Makes me think of other RPGs where you step into the darkness and have a chance to get eaten by some random dark critter. Saw pictures of the quests that make you a quest giver for the kobolds which is a good laugh. Sad Blizzard hasn't done that since Cata with Into the Machine.

    The statement regarding vanilla servers, while much more recent than other statements, still won't let that topic die. Only way for it to die is for Blizzard to finally release that server, leave it as it was (bugs, instability, etc intact for that vanilla experience), and see how fast people run back to current servers. Only way for people to finally shut up on the topic is to prove it would fail (or succeed) by doing it. Perhaps to cover the initial setup and maintenance fees to get it back up, they ask players if they want to play on a vanilla server and charge them $5-10 extra a month to play on it. They should also keep a live update on the population currently active on the server so people can either marvel that it's actually working or laugh maniacally when it drops to like 20 people. Blizzard can treat the server like tournament realms so you can only get on one if you're flagged to do so (and are thus paying for it). Not like the server has to have new content on it or need class balancing. People want the vanilla experience. So that saves on costs there. Then of course because people want the vanilla experience, no sense fixing the bugs or even stability issues that took the servers down from time to time so that saves on more costs. All Blizzard would really be paying for would be an old server to handle the old code and someone to reboot it when it goes down. Charging players $5-10 extra a month just to play on it would result in Blizzard making a ton of cash for little work. (Personally, I find vanilla servers stupid, but if the topic won't die, may as well prove it will either fail or succeed by doing it.)

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    I will take...ALL the candles.

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