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    The team I won with was Zarya(me)/Varian/Sonya/LiLi/Hammer. Hammer was a garbage man who just insta-locked and didn't talk, also the only person who died, I'd swap it with a Q-Rag or maybe Gul'dan. I went for the shield build on Zarya, Varian has to be Twin Blades, Sonya goes Follow Through/Life Funnel/War Paint, not sure if they went Focused Attack or Hurricane.

    Kinda wish they'd get rid of heroes that feel like borderline traps, like Uther, Kael and Jaina, for example. Though I get why they're in aswell, it'd be pretty slim pickings otherwise.

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    You guys really having that much trouble? I got it on my third try.

    I wonder how mmr works on this brawl.
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    Quote Originally Posted by apepi View Post

    I wonder how mmr works on this brawl.
    There is no MMR.

    To elaborate, the game adds bots if the que goes longer than, like, 1 minute, so trying to make a fair game kinda flies out of the window at that point.
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    I got it done with a premade but man I am real happy when the pugs i am in fail anyway.

    Because its always because people ignore the tunnels, pick double healers, rush forward without rezing people or waiting/helping with back line attacks.

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    After few days of pure nightmare in brawl and closely 100 lose brawl games, i did it!

    Finish time 13:29 with setup Artanis, Zarya, Varian, Lucio and Uther. The worst moment was, when second nydus worms in boss appear and all heroes revived, but i used nuke and they died fast. Then ez work with Zarya expulsion zone and Lucio Sound Barrier. To be honest, i choosed on Artanis Suppresion Pulse, so smaller zergs get nuked on instant.
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    Hammer Time. Bestest hero ever. Bestest brawl ever. Bestest video game ever. Bestest entertainment ever.

    Hammer time should replace HL, TL, HGC and Olympics. It also should start at level 1 like it used to.

    Went 18-0 btw.

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