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    Join the official "Trueshot Lodge" Discord server for hunters.

    Discord is a sort of TeamSpeak/Skype combo with a powerful instant-messaging platform for groups especially, and a solid voice channel option to back it up. It is available on Windows/Mac/Android/iOS.

    A lot of Hunter-relevant chitchat on Legion and theorycrafting can be found here, along with a bunch of sometimes nonsensical off-topic in the main channel.

    It has both a browser version which is decent, but I urge you to use the desktop version.

    Here is the invite link to join: https://discord.gg/yqer4BX

    To use it with the client, click the "+" button in the main window, press "Join Server" and paste the link above. To use it in-browser, just click it.

    Since Discord is somewhat controversial for its privacy policy, here it is for you to read if you care about that stuff: https://discordapp.com/privacy
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