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    "Fix my DPS" (Shadowpriest)

    Hey guys,

    One of the DPS in our raid has been struggling to figure out why his numbers are low.

    Name: Spacekees

    Logs: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports...&view=rankings

    Armory: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/characte...acekees/simple

    Looking for bad habits etc that would affect his damage. Thanks in advance for any help!

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    a lot of bad habbits, mainly as SP u want to be single target , offdotting just when u can and even that isnt much worth (except procing ToF ofc)
    he mainly needs to keep 5 stacks of trinket debuff on target. Yeah on socrethar it will drop because of dominator, but he cant let it drop on bosses like Zakuun since it takes 5 s just to set it up again which is huge dps loss. He should also enchant mastery because 46% is rly low. Haste is nice when u know how to play with it but even then is mastery bit higher.
    + dont use SW: P and VT - you dont DoTWeave with class trinket from archimonde !

    my rotation is something like MB (3o)>(w8 for gc to finish) >DP>insanity (3ticks) >MB (1o)>insanity (4ticks)>MS>MB(2o)>MS>MS>MS>MB(3o)>(w8 for gc to finish)>...
    Ideally i can sustain my debuff on target just from insanity, but ofc in raid it isnt always so easy so dont worry and refresh it with normal MF. Just dont let it drop.

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    It looks like he's doing some sort of janky RoW dot-weave which is making his dps bounce up and down. Don't really want to look into events and watch his spell order 1 by 1 because the main takeaway is that he doesn't really know what he's doing. Make him look at Kilee's CoP guide. The rotation posted above is close, but I don't know why he's including weird portions of waiting.

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    The "wait" method works for lower amounts of haste. We talked about it a little bit over on H2P, but ultimately it's a DPS loss to play that way. The idea is you get 7 ticks of Insanity instead of 6, but you lose about half a GCD of actions every cycle of 3 orbs.

    I actually use this method sometimes when I'm moving in order to mitigate the damage lost. But I don't recommend it as a standing still rotation. I know a few people who seem pretty convinced that it's the best way to play because you can stop stacking haste at a lower value. It gives you more mastery for better Herosim burns, and it mitigates some of the damage you might lose from having to otherwise cast Mind Flays.

    To be honest I've not played around with it a huge amount, because I just don't like rotations that are built upon restricting movement and versatility to such a hard degree. Also you need pretty pro timing or you'll mess it up and not get a 7th tick. Then you've basically lost an entire GCD worth of DPS - I can't imagine you'd ever come out ahead, merely break even, while making your life harder in the process.
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    I also prefer to skip the waiting part, just because I prefer to do something and hate waiting.
    I believe over the entire fight the difference in dps is not big enough either way.

    Personally I would not recommend playing haste based with low itemlevel because you have to play without fails to do reasonable dps.
    In my experience stacking mastery below mythic-gear is the more solid choice (you will also not fall below gcd during bloodlust)

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    yeah, in my testing difference between my and other rotation was non-significant so its purely just on how you like to play it. My rotation fits me Kilee"s is probably better overall.

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    Aside from what was said above about casting, from a gear perspective he might benefit from going AS until he can acquire more mastery gear. 740 Mastery is VERY low for playing CoP to its potential at almost any iLevel. Given that his CS isnt bad at 1400+, Auspicious Spirits might work better in the short term, even though he has a normal WF RoW trinket.

    Some quick gear fixes would include crafted haste/mastery pieces to replace non-set item slots, particularly the neck, bracers, cloak..None of which come in CoP stat-friendly versions in HFC drops. The BoE boots are perfectly optimized with haste/mastery and the 716/726 version isnt terribly expensive on my server.

    Mastery is going to make the main CoP spells hit a lot harder. At 740 mastery, even with a fixed rotation is still going to suffer badly until he can wholesale swap out a lot of crit/multi for mastery. When I first started raiding...only about 2 months ago, I used a combination of crafted gear, plus upgraded haste/mastery balefuls to get right arund his same item level. There are even a handful of 710 conquest items which are haste mastery and would help get his stats more suited for a stronger CoP build.

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    Aside from what was said above about casting, from a gear perspective he might benefit from going AS until he can acquire more mastery gear.
    That would also work rather well. Swap out the classtrinket for iskar/Sandman's Pouch(crafting trinket)/Orb and gem/enchant for crit.
    On multiple target fights (council,Xhul,Mannoroth,Archi) it should yield higher dps compared to the current build and might be on par on single target, maybe better depending on SW:P criticals.

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