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    That's exactly what I mean. The expansion did a lot to improve upon that. Like when GW2 was announced it was going to be a persistent world where doing or not doing the events would have broad far reaching impacts. That sort of happened, but it was pretty localized. Hell i remember purposefully failing an event because I knew a better event would spawn after, which led to an even better event.

    Also i think substenance was the word you're looking for.
    The Coiled Watch fail farm just started resounding in my mind. It was especially horrid when people needed to complete that entire event chain for the living story quest a year or two ago. It has since been nerfed to the point there's no need to intentionally fail it anymore since the reset timer for it isn't near as short after failing as it was back then.

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    I agree, Dynamic Events are fun. But much like quests in wow there really isn't that much variance in them.

    Escort this thing to this place
    Kill all the enemies trying to attack us until the timer runs out
    Go pick up all the stuff around here and turn it in to me

    That's basically all the dynamic events there are :/
    How else would you shake them up? The only thing you can do differently is the back story. I can think of only a few different types that are possible:

    1) Kill x
    2) Gathering
    3) Escort
    4) Defend something (a variant of kill)
    5) Find someone (a variant of gathering)
    6) Kill and gather the "meat" (A variant of kill and gather)

    There is really nothing else that they can do.

    Personally I prefer the chained events like Modniir. 5 or so events that fit one after the other and culminate in a big battle. There is also a nice one on that map that ends up behind modniir (through a cave) but no one does it.

    Some pet peeves and wants of mine:

    1) Drop appropriate stuff. How killing a wild dog can drop a full greatsword is beyond me.
    2) More random elements to maps. Right now, everything is scripted. I can go an kill Modniir today and tomorrow I can kill him again. At the same time every day there is a series of events that happen. There are different outcomes depending on whether you win the event or not and the chain may not continue or a different chain might start. That's not nearly enough. They can do better. If there are no players in a zone then the enemies can take over. Think Orr. The mobs are all over the place. They don't need to change the landscape but they should have 4 or 5 places where the centaurs can set up and let them pick one at random or even have more than one set up if there are no players in the zone for long enough. Start the event chains based on what the map looks like. Clear up the map a bit and you can have a centaur resurgence where they try and take things back or try and setup another camp. If they manage to set up the camp then you need to take that one down. Once you have cleared all of the camps then they can kick off the event chain. And for goodness sake, if you kill Modniir then have some other dummy take his place or at the very least have them res the bugger to make it realistic. Have 4 types of enemy and the new monster can be one of the 4. Make it a living map.
    3) One world, try and get rid of the seperate zones. That's not easy because they would have to make something like CRV.
    4) Get rid of levels. Have harder maps and easier maps but if I want to walk straight into Orr then I should be able to. Character progression on the skill side is fine.

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    Chain events are great. They usually are worth the time, especially the ones that culminate into a big battle.

    1) Welcome to MMO's where a bear can drop anything from weapons, armor, to gold.
    2) I'm kind of torn about that. I remember one of my old neighbors growing up played everquest. He was farming some giant that spawned roughly every 12 hours. He literally spent all day waiting on it as it wasn't guaranteed to spawn on the reset timer. I think it would be cool if they implemented something like that though.
    3) Seperate zones is something i've always liked about Guild Wars. I do think that chats shouldn't be locked to districts, but otherwise I prefer that system.
    4) They did that in GW1. Stuff was gated behind getting Infused gear. It was possible to do it without infused gear, but a bloody nightmare to try. I miss the old system.

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