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    [GUIDE] WoD Mistweaver Monk for Gold Challenge Mode


    1. Intro
    2. Gear and stats/stat priority
    3. Trinkets
    4. Talents
    5. Glyphs
    6. Enchants/food/flasks/pots/consumables
    7. Gameplay
    8. Dungeon specific tips step by step
    9. Small tips!

    1. Intro

    I couldn't find any guide for Mistweavers who are chasing full gold achievement so I decided to make a small guide that will help certain amount of players to accomplish their little dream (smiley)
    So everyone is saying that its nearly imposible to do challenge mode as a mistweaver and Im here to prove that the majority of people is wrong. Ofc its easyer to hop in Brewmaster or Windwalker shooes althought its not that easy aswell.
    Mistweaver In challenge mode is very challenging, fun and rare to see (smiley)
    Im multi-experienced gold player from both MoP and WoD expansions and I did golds in all kinds of compositions and by that said if everyone in the group is doing their job and performing well it will be easy Gold at the end regardless of composition.

    2. Gear and stats/stat priority

    Intellect > critical strike = multistrike > haste = spirit > mastery > versatility
    tip: avoid mastery and versatility gear.

    You want next stats because:
    Intellect - increases your power of all healing spells.
    Critical strike - increases your chance to get the crit with heals and dmg abilities but also helps in the way of regenerating mana thanks to the Brewing: Mana Tea ability because you have a chance equal to your crit chance to generate double the Mana Tea charges.
    Multstike - not only that you got more chance to trow a mini heal of the main spell you are casting but you get nice benefit from getting even more multistrike from ability Jade Mists aswell as a chance equal to your multistrike chance that your renewing mist not go on cooldown.
    Haste - not only your hots tick faster but lower the global cooldown of your spells and abilities meaning you can faster cast a spell after chanelling Soothing Mist.
    Spirit - obviously for more passive mana regeneration.
    Mastery - almost as useless.
    Versatility - mainly pvp stat, increases your healing/dmg done and reduces dmg taken but cant compare to critical or multistrike stat.

    3. Trinkets

    Regarding trinkets there is no specific because if the stat you need is right then its good (smiley)
    There are cheap and very nice trinkets that can be found on auction house and those are Copeland's Clarity and Winged Hourglass. One more trinket that can pass the test is Everburning Candle but the first two are much better.

    4. Talents

    These are the talents that I would recommend for Challenge mode regarding performance and quality life.

    Tier 1
    - Tiger's Lust. Extra movement speed buff for you or someone from your party, especialy tank. It will help to get out of !@#$ faster or just trow at the tank to enhance his tanking abit while pulling or kiting mobs.

    Tier 2 - my favorite is Chi Wave because it heals and damages while it bounces and its lower cd. In other case where people are stacked at some bosses like the first boss in Upper Blackrock Spire the I preffer Chi Burst.

    Tier 3
    - Chi Brew is better over others because you can always use it for emergency burst heal with Enveloping Mist if someone in the party is critical or you can prepair and be ready for big incoming aoe dmg and heal 3 people with Eneveloping Mist under 3 sec.

    Tier 4 - Charging Ox Wave because you don't need to risk your life for a 2 sec longer stun by going in melee and casting Leg Sweep. In case that no one in the group got 5 sec stun you should use Leg Sweep.

    Tier 5 - Most definitely Invoke Xuen,the White Tiger despite his long cooldown. This will be 1 of your 3 big cooldowns and while this guy is alive your group is safe.

    Tier 6 - Diffuse Magic. Strong enough to bypass some spell mechanics.

    Tier 7 - Pool of Mists. Healing of Renewing Mist is 15% stronger and it has 3 charges wich means you can build more chi's faster.

    5. Glyphs

    Recommended glyphs:

    Glyph of Soothing Mist - it gives you 60% speed buff as soon as you stop casting soothing mist depending on how long did you channeled.

    Glyph of Renewing Mist - If people are too spreaded renewing mist will most likely reach them.

    Glyph of Targeted Expulsion - you can heal a party member but for 50% weaker amount.
    Glyph of Transendence - 5 sec less cd on teleport.
    Glyph of Mana Tea - so you don't waste so much time standing in a place while you can use 2 stacks of mana tea instant and have 10 sec cd.

    6. Enchants/food/flasks/pots/consumables

    Enchant your gear (cloak, neck, rings) with gift of multistrike or critical depending what you like most. Both are great stats and equaly usefull.

    For Weapons I would recommend Mark of the Shadowmoon because the more spirit you got the less mana breaks you'll need and you know the time is gold in this edition (smiley)

    Salty Squid Roll with 125 multistrike or Calamari Crepes with 100 multistrike.

    Flask :
    Greater Draenic Intellect Flask - gives 250 intellect for 1 hour

    Draenic Intellect Potion - 1000 intellect for 20 sec
    Draenic Invisibility Potion - invisibility for 18 sec

    Other stuff:
    Drums of Fury - in case your group doesn't have Bloodlust/Heroism/Timewarp (Drums are 25% haste)

    7. Gameplay

    Single target healing:
    Tank healing - always have renewing mist on the tank, use chi wave on every cd. when you see tank taking a lot of dmg or going into big pull of mobs precast Enveloping Mist so it heals him while picking up other mobs.

    Tank healing in big pulls - After tank uses his defensive cooldowns and most mobs are still alive trow Life Cacoon followed by Enveloping Mist and Renewing Mist.

    1-2 Party members Healing - Heal first with Soothing Mist + Surging Mist and then on other guy trow 1 Enveloping Mist and then back to tank.

    Heavy AoE (all 5 players) - keep Renewin Mist on all targets, chanell Soothng Mist at all time and trow Enveloping Mist on 1 by 1 in order that the lowest hp has priority to recive it first. Use either Revival or Xuen, the White Tiger if you cant keep your group up. Never use Uplift, its very weak on this ilvl

    Emergency abilities: Thunder Focus Tea into the Soothing Mist > Life Cacoon > Revival.
    Don't be afraid to use them because each ress cost about 10 sec wich is a lot for bad mistake

    Dungeon specific tips step by step:

    -Upper Blackrock Spire:
    1st boss - try to manage the trash before the boss without using Invoke Xuen,the White Tiger and Revival and the nightmare for most healers, especaily monks will be walk in the park even with 3 weaves of aoe Nova dmg. Best healing method is trowing Enveloping Mist on all members so keep your 2 stacks of Chi Brew rdy when boss drops below 40% hp. If you cant keep your party then trow Revival and Xuen if you really need to.
    2nd boss - easy boss, most likely the group will use Bloodlust, if you didnt use Xuen yet release him on the boss to help in faster kill.
    boss to help in faster kill.
    3rd boss - Stand in the back, stay spreaded and put Transendence on some other part of the room so you can teleport away when he trows whirling axe. Boss will deal moderate damage so you might trow Xuen just to be sure that everything will go right.
    Trash between 3rd and 4th boss, the 2 pack of Ogres - they got very big chance of killing a tank or a melee dps and their trick is that they Fear and use Smah ability rapidly that will kill tank in 2 shots so dont hesitate to use Life Cocoon. On the next pack of ogres be ready to use your stun as soon as they start run to the cages. You want to stop them because they will release dragons from cage. 1 stun will interrupt them and they will give up.
    4th boss - put transendence at the far edge of the bridge, near the door or you can even put it on door and heal from the bridge becuase you want to be aware that he will cast dragons breath from either left to right or right to left so you can teleport or roll fast from the mid. In transition phase you will need some heavy aoe healing so for 1st transition use Chi Brew with Enveloping Mist on each party member and for the 2nd transition use Revival if needed. When dragons are stacked in a transition use stun on them.
    5th, final and the hardest imo - you want to come on this guy with all your cooldowns because its nasty in 2nd phase. Put transendence at some spot so you can teleport if there is no fire and your best cooldown for this boss will be Xuen and Life Cacoon.

    -Iron Docks

    1st trash - if the group is going for big pull then you will have to use all cooldowns hehe but dont be afraid becuase 1st boss is easy.
    1st boss - move away from fire and heal.
    2nd boss - avoid traps and fire.
    3rd boss - stun adds when they come out from cages.
    4th boss - use transcendence behind the 1st box from the boss ( after knockback use roll and then teleport). Use Xuen becuase you can... probably off the cooldown.

    -Shadowmoon Burial Grounds
    1st boss - due to heavy aoe healing after transition phases is not the only reason why you should use Invoke Xuen, the White Tiger but to kill him as fast as possible in order to have only 2 adds that he soaks. Don't hesitate to use revival if needed.
    2nd boss - jump in to Spirited Crane stance in order to kill you possessed soul safe and asap while in void realm and put Transcendence away from the boss so you can get away when he use Void vortex.
    3rd boss - Transcendence somewhere away from the boss, just a random spot so you can easyer run away from Body slam ability, try to heal from the melee range in case boss drop Necrotic Pitch on you, that way you can stack in the melee and dps while boss is Inhaling. This is boss with heavy aoe healing so keep in mind to use Revival if needed.
    4th boss - Avoid beams and stay away as much as you can from them, it will do less damage as the range is bigger. Xuen if you have as it is last boss.

    -Grimrail Depot
    1st boss - moderate aoe healing needed, preferring Invoke Xuen, the White Tiger, watch not to get interrupted from the boss.
    2nd boss - put transcendence behind some pillar so it can los the boss while in canon. Revival could save someone's life so don't keep it.
    3rd boss - avoid traps, put transcendence and use Invoke Xuen, the White Tiger.

    Tip: It is very crucial for the beginners to save Invoke Xuen, the White Tiger and Revival for 2nd boss.
    1st boss - set transcendence at some edge of the platform, avoid traps.
    2nd boss - Heavy Aoe healing needed! You can help soak 2 beams, 1st with Fortifying Brew and 2nd with Diffuse Magic. Use Invoke Xuen, the White Tiger when boss is below 70%, it will most likely last until the boss is dead. Revival will most likely be needed as well.
    3rd boss - Set Transcendence behind the pillar that is facing the boss so you can easily teleport away from the Feathers aoe damage.
    4th boss - again set Transcendence in far away from the edge , best place is on the doors if you killed the big robot as last trash mob.

    -Bloodmaul Slag Mines
    1st boss on the left - just a casual healing needed
    2nd boss on the right - don't stay in front of him while casting Earth Crush.
    3rd boss - set Transcendence in the middle of the bridge so you can easily dance with Fiery Boulders. Best cooldown if needed is Invoke Xuen, the White Tiger.
    4th boss - Another nasty aoe as you getting closer to the end. Set Transcendence away from the boss, use Invoke Xuen, the White Tiger in case that its off the cooldown and Revival at the end.

    1st trash for big pull - heavy single target healing. After tank's cooldowns are about to expire trow Life Cocoon.
    1st boss - Invoke Xuen, the White Tiger just to kill it asap.
    Last pack of trash before the 2nd boss - Cocoon the tank and don't hesitate to use Revival, it will most likely be heavy aoe damage.
    2nd boss - nothing special, you can stun adds that the boss is spawning on 20% hp
    5 Imps before the 3rd boss - communicate with your group to setup chain aoe stuns.
    3 Infernals + 6 Imps, only double with the death knight in the group - setup a chain stun again, don't stand in front of infernals.
    3rd boss - In transition phase you can help your tank by paralyzing 1 Imp.
    3 mini bosses between 3rd and 4th boss - nothing special, just spam heals without cooldowns, you will get mana after each kill.
    4th boss - use Invoke Xuen, the White Tiger from the beginning and burst him down. save Revival for later if needed.

    -The Everbloom
    1st pack for big pull - Life Cocoon after tank uses his cooldowns, don't hesitate to Invoke Xuen, the White Tiger.
    2nd pack for big pull - setup a chain stun and use Revival if needed.
    1st boss - if you like step in to Spirited Crane stance and dps the boss in 2nd phase where he is taking 100% increased damage.
    2nd boss (the council) - help with interrupts on the ''water-bark'' who is casting heals. set Transcendence away from the boss to teleport after he grips.
    3rd boss (spider) - avoid plague clouds and strong single target heal on tank.
    4th boss (the mage) - if everyone in the group can avoid burning weaves from the flowers she trow it will be easy heal. Again don't hesitate to use Revival.
    5th boss - use your rolls and Tiger's Lust to step on as many flowers as you can in transition phase, use Invoke Xuen, the White Tiger if you cant keep up with the healing or you are short on time.

    9. Small tips:
    -Above all: Jade Serpent Statue out at all times!
    -Drink water for mana between each pull.
    -Prepare atleast 3 chi before the each pull.

    End has come, hope you guys like it and that this will be of some kind of help
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    Leg Sweep is generally worth the risk if you know what you are doing, and the longer stun duration will be more valuable compared to Ox Wave.
    Chi Wave kinda tickles at least by my experience. Chi Burst can have a strong burst healing on a clump and is very powerful to help your group with AoEfest pulls.

    Mentioning gear choices and dungeon specific tips will also help. Mistweavers keen on doing challenge mode must avoid the Archimonde class trinket and Unstable Felshadow Emulsion because their % effect is downscaled to 630 and they become extremely weak. Winged Hourglass also has a rather weak stat budget so I wouldn't recommend that either. Copeland's Clarity/Everburning Candle/BRF Trinkets/Demonic Phylactery are pretty good trinkets however.

    As for dungeon specifics, Transcendence can be very useful to some extent like Orebender Gorashan in UBRS, Skulloc in Docks, or the Everbloom ledges if you jump over those first and use swapblaster to get the slow ones up and you can teleport to your spirit. Use Touch of Death as much as possible! Although it might be a good idea to glyph it if you really need the chi for healing than the execute. What about fistweaving though? I personally almost never had the chance to do it mostly because of the shared GCD, but maybe you have a different opinion.

    Props for getting a guide up though!

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    Good! As a 13M MW, I have never entered the GCM. ThX

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