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    Quote Originally Posted by Halefire94 View Post

    Well I will not be joining everyone in legion. This was a move by Blizzard to get people from when the game used to actually feel like an MMO to their piece of shit game they have now. Fuck I am angry.
    Lets see it that way: Blizzard didn't get your money when you played on a private server (that used intellectual property of somebody else) and now they are not getting your money anyhow.

    This warranted a topic? You raging about not being able to play on something pirated where you didn't pay anyone anyhow? Too bad you will never see how sad you are.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Xilurm View Post
    Wait, why are people for this? What exactly do you get from this? Because you think a version of WoW sucked it means no one else should enjoy it?
    It was already getting shut down. Hell people were actually donating so $$ was involved. They're stealing the IP and making a server of their own. It's not allowed. Also your example of the Metal Gear HD remake is sooooo different it's bad.

    Still good enough to have a loyal player base that want vanilla exclusive servers.

    In their minds maybe, doesn't mean it actually is better. Aint legal either(Making a private server that is).
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    Quote Originally Posted by Taftvalue View Post
    the thing is, Nostalrius offers what Blizzard doesn't

    it doesn't outright compete with them

    people who play there are sick of the current WoW and wouldn't play it anyway
    That is certainly true for a large portion. Many will opt to go to other private servers even though it is a race against the clock simply cos Vanilla/TBC is what they want to play contrary to the latest expansions on live.
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    The salt is delicious.

    Private servers are illegal, of course Blizzard would shut it down.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aeluron Lightsong View Post
    That's the price people pay for taking someone's intellectual property and use it. They should know better and Vanilla for the love of the cosmos...was not as great as you think it is.
    Honestly your comment sounds like " I don't like it so you shouldn't like it either."

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    While it doesn't affect me in any way as I don't play in any private server, nor have any interest in playing an outdated version - it's obvious some people did.

    And since it's not a matter of 'stealing' as it wasn't a direct competition, nor were they getting a profit out of the deal... I'm going to have to side with the "Blizzard did it cuz butthurt that people rather play an older, stale version than the Live version".

    You gonna play the live version and enjoy their vision, gosh darn it!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sturmbringe View Post
    I am a member in a 40 man raid guild on Nostalrius.

    My guild mates are now thinking where to migrate another private server) so as to continue raid together as a guild.

    Not one of us wants to play WoW in its current form. We believe WoW's present incarnation is so much changes so as not to be WoW at all.

    Just wanting to clarify that Blizzard won't get our subs back. I stopped playing retail 2 years ago or so and will never re-sub.
    I wouldn't go to the OTHER two big servers out there, FYI. Been reporting those as well.

    May just want to look at another game. I heard WildStar is hardcore.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Taftvalue View Post
    the thing is, Nostalrius offers what Blizzard doesn't

    it doesn't outright compete with them

    people who play there are sick of the current WoW and wouldn't play it anyway
    Pretty much. I mean, I still sub to live and have done for over a year of not really logging in at all (I think maybe 4 times total). It's isn't the money that's really the issue, Nostalrius was a fun MMO, live/retail is some arcade single-player oddity of sitting in queues playing farmville. More interesting is what Paula Deen wrote above tho.
    Quote Originally Posted by AeneasBK View Post
    Damnit hubcap, you are such a retard.
    Seriously guys, this forum would be a better place if everyone just stopped acknowledging Zenkai. It's just demeaning to everyone.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zoreyai View Post
    All these scumbags happy that people are losing out on a game they enjoy.

    Why do you enjoy when people get shafted?
    When thieves get shafted, I don't have a problem with that.
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    I normally distance myself from congratulating Blizzard for anything.
    However with this, I must say good job! I hope they find more and bring them down.
    People need to move on, or change Blizzard's mind on the classic server issue. Until then, if it's illegal in anyway
    shut that obsolete crap down!

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    The community will carry on the work those fine people did.

    Though for all the shitposting that people do of the "wall of no." - Eventually Blizzard will cave and make their own legacy servers. The lies about not having the code are silly, and obviously lies. Anyone with half a brain knows that. "Never." in Blizzard-speak just means "Eventually when we can turn a profit on the idea." (See server transfers, transfers to PvP realms from PvE realms, faction swaps, cash shops, etc. All of those were "Nevers." at one point.)

    And on that day which Blizzard does cave, and they will, mark my words, I'll pay them whatever they want for the ability to play on the legacy servers. Whether it's a one time fee for access in addition to the sub fee (Like the arena tournament realm.) - Or however they do it. We can clearly see that Blizzard can turn a profit on legacy servers. Look at the number of active users that one server had, and realize there are countless more out there. Oh well, I don't think it will be too long before Blizzard caves, retail WoW is getting pretty barren.

    We can talk about intellectual property all we want, but the only thing shutting down private servers does is hurt Blizzard. It leaves the people on those servers with a bad taste in their mouth in regards to Blizzard, and makes them less likely to play future Blizzard games. It does NOT in any way make them want to sub to WoW.

    Quote Originally Posted by Aeluron Lightsong View Post
    That's the price people pay for taking someone's intellectual property and use it. They should know better and Vanilla for the love of the cosmos...was not as great as you think it is.
    I believe that the game today, or at least in the MoP era, was a much better experience overall for the average player. That said, I personally enjoyed Vanilla, BC, and WLK more than anything that came after. In that order. It's not about whether or not Vanilla was better than game now, obviously there have been a lot of QoL improvements to the game, and it's been more opened up to casuals, BUT that doesn't mean that we didn't enjoy the game more in times past, shitty as it may have been in some regards.

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    Everyone that I know that played in these private servers played anywhere from about a week to a month. I think the idea of playing in a vanilla server is more compelling than ACTUALLY playing in a vanilla server.

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    On the plus side for the violators, I don't think operating a private server triggers the provisions of US criminal copyright law that would subject them to felony prosecution.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Paula Deen View Post
    They were already going to shut down on April 10th due to the bills. Last month they decided to stop taking donations and instead if you want to donate you have to go directly to the Server Host, who forces you to pay in bulk, in other words the whole bill or nothing. The bill wasn't paid. It was going down anyway but this is a convenient out for shitposters so they can blame Blizzard despite the fact that in this one instance they did everything by the book.
    Source, cause if true I am sure the bash Blizzard brigade will not read your post and continue to place blame where it doesn't belong
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    Quote Originally Posted by Therougetitan View Post
    The salt is delicious.

    Private servers are illegal, of course Blizzard would shut it down.
    You know what else is illegal?

    People coming into America illegally. Woops, sorry, I forgot that would be supporting Trump and the majority of this website is leftist.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Partysaurus Rex View Post
    Oh noes thousands of people will be without game. If only there was another way to get their WoW fix...
    Except the current incarnation of WoW is not the same as Vanilla. Hence why people play on private servers.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DonaldTrumpSucks View Post
    Pic unrelated: not me for any genius who looks at my post:
    So why post it?

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    I also stand by my statement that people played Nost because it was bug free not Vanilla. Private Servers are shit and no one codes them they just get emulated. It isn't a loyal fanbase for Vanilla, it isn't lazy BRs and Cyka Blyats. Its people who want free WoW without bugs. These people aren't gonna play Live if Nost goes down, these people are gonna bitch and moan about a Sub Fee they don't have to pay, except for once, anymore.

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    Nice good job Blizz!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nnyco View Post
    good riddance, one less shitty pserver in the web
    it was a good one and you can say what you want, i had a blast lvling again. And you know whats the best part. I needed to interact with people to do stuff. Not mindless queue for lfr and press 1 or 2 and watch some netflix on my second screen.

    also strange when bliz told that they were fine with pservers , so long they were non profitable and now shutting 1 down that is non profitable ...

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