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    Hey Friends!

    I stream all of Mythic Raid progression (Havoc DH/Sub Rogue) over at

    My main raid is from 8pm-11PM AEST (Eastern Australia) on Wednesday's, Thursday's and Sunday's on Frostmourne (Oceanic).

    I also host and stream a community raid on Friday Night that starts with a full Normal clear before switching across to Heroic and pushing as far as we can get.

    Feel free to drop on by to check out some gameplay and hang out in chat where we often talk class design, encounter design, raid strats, lore and other nerdy stuff.

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    Hi everyone, log time reader first time poster.

    I haven't found very many high level Vengeance Demon Hunters who stream so thought I'd start one. I regularly stream my Mythic+ pushes as well as my guilds Mythic progression. You can find me on Twitch as miz7 (can't post links yet).

    I stream on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Sundays for raids and generally any other time I'm on Mythic+ dungeons. I'm currently building the server community on bloodhoof-khadgar so it would also be great to start building some Vengeance community in the stream also.

    Please feel free to follow and I look forward too seeing you.


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    Im Shinrayz and Im playing Vengeance DH on Twisting Nether EU. Im playing WoW for over 10 years now and I've decided to start a YouTube channel with WoW content. I'll be mostly uploading my VDH gameplay (mythic+, mythic raids etc). I also plan to make a in-depth vengeance tanking guide.

    Today I've uploaded my first video. It's Upper Kara +15 with pug. Run is not clear and You'll see some mistakes made by my randomly matched buddys but we still do it in time without any problem.

    My goal was to create good quality video and I think I succeed it. I hope you'll like it. Post your opinions here and in yt comments

    Im also abble to stream 1080p60fps on twitch and I hope to do so in the future if you'll like watching me play

    Enjoy the video

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    Hello, Shinrayz here

    In this video Im tanking The Arcway +17 with PUGS (they were quite good this time ). This dungeon is a lot harder with Sanguine/Volcanic/Fortified than Upper Kara in last video.

    There's a lot more trash packs, some of them are quite annoying with Sanguine (Forgotten Spirits, Mana Wyrms etc.) But a lot of Fortified trash mobs is where Veng DH really shines. Crazy numbers (both dmg and healing). A few small personal mistakes were made like Warrior releasing before first boss and being blocked by Forgotten Spirit for over 1 minute, or Hunter stepping into bomb on last boss, yet still we almost 2-chest it (missed by 25sec).

    If you liked the video don't forget to like, comment and subscribe

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    Here's our mythic KJ kill, including some orb kiting in the last phase:

    My opener in the beginning is unusual because I was using my CDs to help with the reflections (if you pop CDs on pull, which is usually done, they fall off before the reflections come up).

    Vhalor from <Occasional Excellence> on US-Turalyon. Boss Kill Vids:

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    Is there any havoc chanel with weekly videos with some guides, tips for bosses etc? Basically every class have few youtubers with alot of usefull informations while I cant find anything for havoc.

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    Hey all,

    I'm a Vengeance DH that does almost exclusively Mythic+ content. I do keys in the 10-17 range almost every day, even when I have to *shudders* pug. Stop by and feel free to ask questions or criticize, and perhaps learn something. :P

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    PvP video
    Im still a newbie on editing but i had lots of fun doing this video

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    Hello fellow DH!

    I've been asked to stream some of my gameplay on my 975 Havoc DH. While I'm not the best DH around, feel to ask me about boss tips/tactics specific for Havoc and I'll do my best to shed a light on my legendary/talent choices and positioning.

    Come check me out at and laugh at my mistakes, and cheer me on when I clear new bosses.

    I'm part of No Hard Feelings on Silvermoon EU. We are currently 9/11 Mythic Antorus and on the road to cutting edge.

    Our raidtimes are 20:00-2330 EU servertime(GMT+1).
    We raid Heroic Antorus on wednesdays and Mythic Antorus on thursday/monday/tuesday.

    Outside of raidtimes I also stream a variety of M+ runs, both +15 boosts and pushing higher keys.

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    If anyone is curious I will be streaming veng dh on alpha as long as some other tanking classes but mostly veng dh.
    I am not the best player and don't have the best stream. Just come hang out give me a follow if you want.
    Thank you in advance

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    Theres really noone streaming havoc BfA mythic+ runs? Tried to find anything with havoc and just cant find even 1 stream. Would really like to see how the gameplay looks in a bit more challenging content.

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    I came across Taylor's videos when I was researching information for the level 120 BFA Demon Hunter guide. I felt there are others that could get value from the videos he's been putting out. Check it out if you get a chance:

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