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    I've cleared FH+2 solo in time, almost with +2 result

    I dont know is it WF in time solo in BfA, but I cannot find any other similar video posted earlier. Only high keys solo in 5+ hours

    It could be very epic if someone would organize some MDI like tournament, but with soloers in low M+ keys, with similar stream format etc. If someone here can also clear M+ keys solo in time or wanna to try this - please write me in PM and we may think about it, gather some M+2 and M+3 keys on our alts and try to make some tournament!

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    Sup guys ! Bamsoldier here, I am 2600 + XP in bfa 2s and 3s and i’ve been helping a lot of healers achieve theirs ratings. Find us at and come get your new ratings 1600 to 2400 all for free baby. I stream every nights so pretty sure we’ll catch up guys. Peace

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