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    Quote Originally Posted by DemonHunter18 View Post
    I cannot imagine any other race to be DH.maybe would look retarded on other races.

    Looks fine to be if i see concept art and not retarded.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tromage View Post

    Looks fine to be if i see concept art and not retarded.
    concept art???sure.gameplay???I cannot imagine that.Elves look much better imo.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tromage View Post

    Looks fine to be if i see concept art and not retarded.
    concept art???sure.gameplay???I cannot imagine that.Elves look much better imo.

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    I think it's funny how everyone's suddenly super devoted to lore when the race/class combinations have pretty much gone out the window anyway, we already have enough elves and giving them more super unique things seems like a waste

    I think new demon hunter races would be a good tie in to sub-race, based on lorelol the most realistic candidates to pick up Demon Hunter training would probably be those remotely near Black Temple during early/pre TBC and Fel Orcs/Broken are the two obvious races hanging around Black Temple at the time

    Diversity is cool, having just elfs for one class forever seems like a waste and I can agree that at least for Legion it should stick to elves only as the demon hunters themselves just broke out of jail

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    Draenei demon hunters? What an oxymoron..

    Draenei are the exact opposite; Either they ARE demons (probably 99,99% of them) or they flee as far as possible, litterally across the galaxy, from demons...

    Humans is the biggest non-elf DH group, so that would be the logical first additional race.
    The next Horde race, would by extent be Forsaken (as they can be anything Humans can, except Paladins), but it probably wouldn't be received well by the player base, so the spot most likely go to Tauren or Troll..
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    Quote Originally Posted by BAMyouhaveaids View Post
    So, Orcs and Draenei are about the only races that has any chance to become demon hunters lore wise if Blizzard ever decides to do so, What is your thoughts?

    Orc Demon hunters:

    Lore: "Under Kargaths rule, the fel orcs quickly proved themselves to be capable warriors, but capable enough? A group of fel orcs were subjugated to become a part of a new Illidari project. A project that involved the possibiltiy of creating demon hunters that we're not of Elven ancestry. As it turns out, these orcs had an even lower successrate of transforming than any other, yet those who made it were proven to be incredibly Strong.

    Largok Felheart, was one of the first Fel orcs to get trough the transition, and he was known as the Destroyer, and for good reason. So incredibly determined and powerful, he could single handedly fend of ambushes of the strongest sort, pain only proved to make him even stronger and best of all, unlimited Strength. Largok had the Ability to turn into a Rage like state where Anger and Hate completely took control over him and made him horiffically dangerous. He was among the highest ranking members of the Illidari and was slain when the Illidari blew up the Nathrezim homeworld. All orcs after that, that were going trough the transition remembered him as an Idol. All orcs wanted to become as powerful as him. Since then, Orcs were never allowed to be seen with the Elves. They were to be kept a secret to see if they were fit for the task. When the Siege of the Black temple arrived, Illidan sent Orcs, Draenei, Blood elves and Night elves to a Legion planet."

    Motivations for becoming a Demon hunter:
    • Hatred for the Legion more than anyone else
    • Their homeworld was ruined and they were forced to murder millions.
    • Became puppets of the legion.

    • More muscles than brains
    • Not the same kind of Determination Elves have
    • Lower lifespan than Elves and Draenei.

    Draenei Demon hunters:

    Lore: "The Ashtongue was not an order of just broken Draenei. Some Draenei remained on Outland after all the blood that had been spilled previously. These were lead by Akama himself. Though akama wasnt the most loyal of persons, his Draenei followers were. They saw everyone else as too incompotent of doing anything, and that the Naruu had forsaken them.

    Akama did not support this, however, Illidan convinced him to let their hatred grow deeper. He saw them as worthy candidates for the Illidari army that was to destroy the burning legion. Curious of seeing how well Draenei would fare in Demon hunter training, Akama was tasked with sending his most capable students into the training fields. Suprisingly, the Draenei had over a 90% successrate of becoming a demon hunter. but they were so few in numbers, so the numbers were just about even with the other races of the Illidari. Their sheer determination and Willpower alone made them on of the most capable demon hunters around, and they were selected to become the majority of the troops that Invaded the Nathrezim homeworld of Nathreza."

    Motivations for becoming a Demon hunter:
    • Being hunted for thousands of years, their blood is probably boiling with hate
    • They are capable fighters
    • They have a life span of 25000 years, longer than any known race.

    • Draenei usually stick to the light
    • There were no Draenei under the Illidari, only broken. Maybe some of the Ashtongue were full Draenei?

    Elves are pretty cool and all, but not everyone wants to play an elf. I for one cannot stand them side from the little fact that the males are somewhat eye candy on both sides. But aside from that, I'd rather play a non elf. Draenei and Orcs makes more sense as demon hunters than any of the other races if you ask me, and they could be implemented from the start.
    Let me just but In here and say, the current Horde, even under Sylvannas' rule (Stupid corpse warchief...) would not allow orcs, Saurfang wouldn't, Eitrigg wouldn't, no other orc wouldn't, and DEFINITELY all of the Blademasters of the Horde would come out and kill them.

    Orcs have their own version of the Demon Hunter without the Fel, Blademasters. They've sworn to protect the Horde, The Warchief, and abolish Fel magic useage from the Horde, and do so by proving that the orcs don't need fel magic or magic of any kind to be strong, they fight with nothing but their strenght, their blade and their honour as It's been In the Burning Blade Clan since the start.

    Draenei i don't care about, but orcs :P nope, but I guess I doubt Velen would be happy.
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    A much needed necro given that people have started complaining about the ridiculous number of elves in this game.

    Out of all 101-110 characters, both elf factions make up the biggest race in each faction on EU realms. On the Alliance side, it's less noticeable because Nighteves have 35% while humans trail with 31%. On the Horde however, bloodelves have 40% and the next-best are the Orcs with 16%, and Tauren on 13%.

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    So, out of all possible class/race combinations you picked out the ones least likely to happen.

    Demonic Draenei are called Eredar and Velen would not speak kindly to those... especially after he just regained and lost a son who turned into one. Also the draenei we have right now are those who turned the legion down in the 1st place.

    Orcs... well those are even less likely to dabble into more demonic magic,...
    They had way too many of their brethren try just that and get the short end of the stick.
    Gul'dan in the 1st war, Grom in the 3rd war and lately most of the iron horde in WoD. Additionally Garrosh trying to use an "evil-power-source" he "could" controll turned out badly as well.

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