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    It had been said by some streamers that they had to shut it down to protect intellectual property which makes sense. I would love teh idea of a pristine server updated to current wow that you could build a community around without being stuck in the old game.

    The fact that they are talking to the Nas team means they will be looking at a way to make this happen....they wouldn't talk about it for fun

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    I don't get why people would love to be stuck on AQ40 for the past 10 years, the boredom will kill the server.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tobindax View Post
    Let's not kid ourselves. Vanilla has little to do with it. The predominant reason those people play in there is because it's free.
    What?! That's totallyyyyyyyyy not trueee!11one! - Every private server player ever.

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    Quote Originally Posted by chase_the_mofo View Post
    Lots of bullshit talk to be honest, and I'll tell you why vanilla or any other previous expansions wont ever happen
    1) They don't want to work on older patches, because it takes much more time compared to current state of the game
    2) If they actually do release something "older" it's literally them saying that their current game sucks, go play older version
    3) No $$$ to be made there with in game purchases

    It's all about the money, newer expansions wont be sold cos people would be playing older patches.
    RIP WoW been fun
    Of course it's about the money they are a business, how else do you think they are suppose to pay their employees and the employee's needs, and how do you think they are able to make heartstone expansions, D3 patches, WoW expansions/patches and Overwatch, a business is always about the money

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    Finally a response.

    I'm so happy that at the very least Blizzard is listening

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    Nostalgia is a very terrible thing, and it's a huge factor that ends up dragging down not only WoW's, but the general World's ability to progress. It's not Blizzard's responsibility to protect an illegal private server. They own the property. The people who ran the private server stole that property and then manipulated it how they saw fit. That is downright ILLEGAL in every sense of the word.

    You might not like the truth, but the truth is that this server was always going to be shut down. It was just a matter of time, and those of you who didn't see it coming are delusional.

    Blizzard doesn't need to make nostalgia servers to quench some of your ridiculous thirsts for "the good old days," which weren't even that good to begin with. The only reason people have fun playing these old servers is because they know deep down what they are doing is against the rules, and that adds excitement. The actual gameplay of vanilla and it's systems was horrible, slow for no reason, and has been vastly improved upon over the years. Sure, WoD was a disaster because of a lack of content at end game, but MoP was one of the best expansions to date, possibly rivaling WotLK and TBC. If half of you nostalgiatards would snap out of your delusion you might see just how awesome a lot of these improvements are.

    It happens with literally everything. Successful film? "Everyone" hates the sequel(s). Successful video game? The sequels "failed."

    The original excitement you had from playing the first game in a series is never going to come back. That can't be recreated. But letting that lack of "new car smell" ruin your enjoyment of future titles is cancerous. People who think classic WoW was the best WoW era and will never be topped are the same people that lead depressing, sad lives IRL. "I had the best steak ever at this one restaurant 5 years ago and no steak will ever be as good so all steak I have fromt hat point on are bad." "My first girlfriend/boyfriend did this amazing thing during sex, but we broke up, so sex with anyone else will never live up to that."

    Nostalgia seriously ruins people's lives. Don't be that guy who dwells in the past and forgets to actually live during the present and anticipate the future.

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    Pristine Realms? Sure. since it is still the same game just with certain things turned off.

    Meaning low resources or dev time spent doing it.

    Remaking classic servers? Nah fuck that, waste of resources.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chuckd View Post

    Theres no way Id want to go back to the old days of wow. Nostalgia and rose tinted specs seem to be helluva common. Honestly when you actually start listing all the improvements to the game since vanilla, you see why it should stay dead, and why only folk who have essentially pirated the game play on these servers.

    The sheer amount of people clouded by nostalgia is staggering and stupifying all at once. MADNESS!!

    Take your vanilla servers and ram em. And Im sorry but I dont buy into "I want 40 man raids" or "everything was harder, thus more fun" BS either.
    having 40 people in a raid in greens and blues did make it harder?
    and to be ohnest if they were integrated into the same server list we have now and was tied into my sub, yes i would pay for it.

    if it was a seperate paid service not tied in with ym Current sub, i probably wouldnt play it.

    yes Nostalgia is there, but i woudlnt mind it, and seeing people play it as well, going back and hitting mobs for 1-5 hp at lvl 1, and having 40 health and getting hit for 2-3, it was exciting. now days you jsut deck yourself out and run through shit auto spamming your way to max lvl in 1 day.
    Originally Posted by Ghostcrawler

    If you are trying to AE tank and a bad dps is attacking the wrong target and dies, we call that justice.

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    There will be, maybe, an actual content server with vanilla statements of leveling and gearing... not a vanilla server, sorry guys, I dont like to crush people's dreams

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    Thats all they could muster, F... if I'm giving Blizz any money and that goes for my children too, a bunch of unpaid people made it work and all Blizz can say is 'it is too difficult'. I wipe my ass with pristine and hope Blizz swallows their pride and gives us what we want, VANILLA!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chuckd View Post
    or "everything was harder, thus more fun" BS either.
    It wasn't even harder, it was much easier if had today's experience, atoning and gearing. People didn't know anything about playing the game yet so everything was harder to them, and beyond that the main way the game was artificially made hard was that it was gated behind very strict barriers of atonements or gear so for instance if you lost a couple of important players on the last Tier you might be screwed since you might need to attone or gear new players all over again, on old tiers.

    The game really became harder on Ulduar where hard mode was something you couldn't do easily even at a time that gearing for it was very easy.

    The game is superior right now in many ways on that. The entry is open to almost everyone very early. It's how you actually play that matters.

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    0-information post. They are actually lying. There is no special need to support "classic" realm. Such server should act as "as is was".
    Also they have lost a lot of subscribers since WOLK so there is a lot of hardware resources to handle 2-3 additional severs.

    Blizzard, don't be silly. You can even ask for additional subscription fee for such realms. Personally I quit WoW because I was bored to death by WoD and now playing on TBC/WOLK pirate servers just to fight a this boredom.

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    Pristine realms miss the entire point of legacy servers. Yes, the ridiculous absurd leveling speed is a major issue with modern WoW, but the mechanics and class design, as well as the compelling challenge in the outside world, are what really make vanilla-TBC WoW the best.

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    I don't want pristine realms, I want to experience older expansions again. Making the game harder and more time consuming should be done by default because that's what people actually like and honestly that has very little to do with legacy realms. I want to raid Karazhan again on a proper 70, not just spend a whole lot of time on a glorified "Iron Man"-realm.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dharock View Post
    I don't get why people would love to be stuck on AQ40 for the past 10 years, the boredom will kill the server.
    people are simply no honest - most of those who want to play on those realms never played in vanilla and are under influence of idiots with rose tinted glasses - they want legacy servers to experience that content but they have no clue how bad the game was back then really - but blizzard repsonse is nice - they said clear no to legacy servers and only option they give is form of hardcore server with no in game help to leveling - the question is how long before people who would srtat playing there would start to whine to implement them.

    i would also add 1 thing - no account wide achievments and mounts from that server conencted to retail. no plague proto drakes, hands of adal etc etc obtained in 2016+

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    Pristine realms come unstuck because of the power creep. I'm part of an 8-man set-up that raids vanilla content on a live realm and thus far we've got through every boss up to Twin Emps with this team with no heirlooms, nothing bought from the AH and no items/enchants/trade skills/classes that weren't available in Vanilla on Horde (No monks, DKs, Paladins, LFD bag loot, TBC quests/dungeon loot and anything not acquired with the group etc etc)

    Fact of the matter is you cannot re-create Vanilla without the Vanilla server and client. End of.

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    Let's hope they work on a solution. I know many people who would love to play on a legacy-server if they are bored but still have the WoW-Itch (like right now for example).

    The more options the better.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Soccio View Post
    What?! That's totallyyyyyyyyy not trueee!11one! - Every private server player ever.
    I wish that someone that has access to the US forums and that blue post to say that in there. The devs appear to talk about vanilla a lot. But it's pretty obvious the fact that's free is very important and I strongly suspect it's the main reason.

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    Okay i had Enough of all this BS. WHat he said, you may dissagree but it is true, if a company does not actively protect a trademark they can loose it. AND Do you / we like they shut it down? No, but It is their lawfull Right to do so. End of it, was it right in a morale way? Who knows that is debateable but it was their lawfull right.

    The problem with Vanila servers is, AND PLEASE answer me this, is what people are forgetting is,
    aWhat part of vanila AQ 20-40? Naxx?
    What about bugs. What bugs should they have fixed?
    What about the grafic? - Should it stay true to Vanila level of Look + Grafic or should it be as pretty as it is now?
    What about interface? Mass loot, and other stuff.
    What about quaility of life services like Mount bag, Titles being Indidual.

    What in 4 years. When people have played lots of vanila, shoudl they end upgrade to TBC server? WHAT if they make one, should you be able to move your currenct Vanila char or have to make a new ones?
    How many servers?
    What should it cost?

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    Why not 'hire' Nostalrius? Make it legal and official, and let their team continue the great work? They're passionate and they're doing it for free.
    To protect IP - write an agreement/document with Nostalrius team that will secure everything, future of the server.
    Everything will belong to Blizzard, but folks from Nost will run the server. Community effort, passion, love for the game will be rewarded. Simple as that.

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