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    Lightbulb Which Final Boss Battle did you Prefer: Zhaitan or Mordremoth (both fights)? Spoilers

    Inspired directly by https://forum-en.guildwars2.com/foru...-against-Mordy

    Well, Anet had three years to come up with new ideas between Zhaitan's encounter and the two Mordremoth encounters, and obviously the themes of the fights are different: in Zhaitans, you're basically in a glorified gunship battle against a dracolich. The fight against the mouth of Mordremoth is one long infantry campaign against a snake head, and the true final fight against Mordremoth involves beaming into his mind ala The Matrix/Inception and overcoming your personal demons and old regrets, and fighting against Mordy's pride.

    Additionally, what would you like to see for the boss battles against the other Elder Dragons (assuming they continue to be expansion final bosses)?

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    Zhaitan involved too much waiting. I had no problem with actually using a ship to destroy him, but the actual battle of continually hopping out of the cannons to kill random risen was stupid while solo.

    The Mouth fight is fun in it's way, and makes enough sense. I think I'd prefer something like this overall, but there should be a more personal element to the story too.

    Which is what the Mind of Mord stuff should have been, but it hit the GW2 buttons that really irritate the hell out of me. They introduce a mechanic and then use it repetitively. They want "challenge" in what is basically a story element, and the challenge elements are just irritating to me as you keep doing the same thing over and over and over. Couple this with GW2's "oh, you dc'd in the instance? fuck you, start over" for instances that might take an hour to complete.
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    they literally REMOVED MECHANICS from the fight and made it piss easy


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    I actually like the Mordemoth fight much more than I ever liked the Zhaitan. Even when the Zhaitan fight was brand new I never had any "holy fuck" moments with it, and I definitely did with the Mordremoth fight in DS... it actually feels like a huge endeavor taken on by many people... which really is what an Elder Dragon fight should be. I also like the instanced fight as well because it leverages some interesting mechanics and I like how choices you made during your personal story came into play, though I do wish there was a bit more of that.

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    Zhaitan was a boring fight when the game was released, and it's possibly even more boring now because there's 0 challenge in it (although it was stupidly easy initially also).
    Mordremoth actually has some interesting mechanics and the storytelling is just way better.

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    Mordremoth hands down. That one was actually fun to do.

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    Is this a serious question?

    Zhaitan was press 1 to win
    Mordremoth has two fights, both of which actually have mechanics
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    Mord, even though it was a bit buggy and some of the mechanics were a bit wonky...I had to do the reflect grenade part 2 or 3 times before they would actually behave consistently (some would appear to hit the boss but wouldn't count). Had to reset the fight with Mord itself due to one of the things I was supposed to click on being stuck in an area where he had removed the floor, so it was floating in mid air.

    Zhaitan, on the other hand? It was like a worse version of the Deathwing fight(s)...I didn't think that would be possible.

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