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    Story Season 3 Tease in May 3rd Patch Notes...


    Magic energy has been surging around the ley lines.
    Looks like the energy that erupted from Maguuma's dead dragon carcass is finally making it's rounds around the continent, has anyone seen where the magic has been building up?

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    Just checked; a new quest has been added (read: lodestone item that drops that when taken to a professor in Lion's Arch, directs you to participate in events centered around the new ley lines in Central Tyria). Spoilers beyond that...

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    Dulfy has the walkthrough for the mini-event. a few achievements for some defend events. Storywise, as you say it's just a tease, no real info.
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    Have you guys done the event? If you did, did you like it? I know it's not a huge thing but it's nice to see something happen.

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    I got the four achievements, the events went well I guess, just a little simplistic.
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    The very first LS started off in a similar fashion.

    Very small events that didn't really seem related to anything. Next thing you know LA is destroyed. I wonder if they are incorporating elements of LS1 back into LS3.

    LS1 was fast paced world spanning content but very temporary and lacked storytelling. LS2 was leaps and bounds better at telling its story but mostly contained to instances or the 2 new zones. LS3 will be a mix of the 2 maybe? I think LS3 will be a lot shorter than the first 2 because we know another xpac is coming and Anet is suspsidely finally comfortable with their game engine. The engine has certainly grown a lot since launch.
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