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    Pandaren Monk OreoLover's Avatar
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    What's your WPM/CPM (typing rate)?

    I was curious, so I checked on a few sites. Admittedly you're probably going to type more quickly for these than your average typing.

    ---Info on averages, etc.---

    "The average person types between 38 and 40 words per minute -- between 190 and 200 characters per minute. However, professional typists type a lot faster on average -- upwards of 65 to 75 WPM. A good typing speed compared to the general population would be over 40 WPM, but compared to professionals it would be in the 75 WPM range."

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    The Unstoppable Force May90's Avatar
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    Took the test. Got 78 WPM...

    So I am better than a professional typist? Something is wrong here. I mean, I did spend some time learning blind typing a couple of years ago, but it's not like I practiced a lot. *shrugs* My father types like twice my speed, and he isn't professional either.
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    88 wpm with no errors

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    The Insane Chickat's Avatar
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    Only got 60.

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    I never learned how to type normally. I use only 2-3 fingers on each hand, and its very weird but it works for me.

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    103 on my 2-in-1 tablet, can normally maintain about 130 on my desktop. If you want some extra practice/something fun, you could try out which is basically just competing with other people on typing tests.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chickat View Post
    I never learned how to type normally. I use only 2-3 fingers on each hand, and its very weird but it works for me.
    So do I. I don't see anything weird in this.

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    Fluffy Kitten Mythbredor's Avatar
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    Got 68 first try pretty fatigued tho been playing guitar and video games all day and don't laugh it is fatiguing to the hands to do that all day lol.

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    Took the first test, chose Tigers as the topic and went for 1 minute.

    2 errors, 98% accuracy and an adjusted speed of 101. I've hit in the 120's on tests that don't have punctuation and are just meaningless strings of words.
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    Dreadlord Gadion's Avatar
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    Whelp... it seems I may be the slowest typist around. Took the test once, got 47.
    At least I can hide behind not having practiced

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    Herald of the Titans Katie N's Avatar
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    I get 65, I can type much faster in my own language.

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    Got 88 WPM.

    My uncle's boyfriend does live CC interpretation, and can type 150+ or some crazy shit like that.

    Dude is a machine.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Katie N View Post
    I get 65, I can type much faster in my own language.
    How could you possibly type fast in vietnamese

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    Who else here learned how to type from Mavis Beacon lol?
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    Immortal Stormspark's Avatar
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    On a good mechanical keyboard, around 135wpm. On a laptop or membrane keyboard, usually around 110wpm.

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    I believe I can text faster than I can type LOL.

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    around 90-100 but I never type that fast unless I have to, on average 70-80.

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    104 WPM. I'm not a native English speaker though. About 125-130 in my own language. But I have like 5% error rate at that speed, so it's not actually useful.
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    My typing speed is up to 175 WPM over one minute and I am Captain on the fastest Speed Typing team in the world known as [10FF] on Nitrotype (look us up). We have Chak, Schollie, and other world-class typists on this team promoting the sport.You are most welcomed to watch our streams and talk shop with us about the sport on Discord. We can demo or show you some easy gear and tactical approaches that most people don't know. If you are 100+ and enjoy typing, we'll take you under our wing and into the fold.

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    Got 111 on one of the tests. Thanks to years of MMORPG's before the existence & popularity of voice chat apps.

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