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    "Oh, you know what? You could bitch about anything couldn't you?" - Leonard L. Church

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    Well, I only have one vid atm, since I cant really record. My PC lags way to much OTL. But well, saved this one, as a Bastion flanking and killing all the enemies and save the game. : D Got lot of salt cause of it. xD

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    Torbjörn - Play of the Game

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    I've had the same exact one on symmetra lol. Blown off a ledge then got a quadra turret kill.

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    Hey everyone im BigBoiJrady, im a small Overwatch streamer, and a shitty self editor for my own highlight videos on youtube. My viewer base is almost strictly my wife and my friends, but i think im pretty good at the game. Anyways, here are some links to my three new Overwatch highlights videos. I learn more and more about my shitty editing with every video i make.

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    Hi guys, i'm new here and trying to promote my channel a bit. Doing this from my phone so not sure how you post those youtube vids.
    Anyway, feel free to take a look at my vids and subscribe. Tips are more then welcome!

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    Hey guys checkout my new video, and please like and subscribe for more.

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    Hi everyone !

    You can find on my overwatch youtube channel some POTG.

    1-A fun Soldier 76's POTG - The fall !

    2-Mc Cree POTG

    3-Reinhardt POTG

    4-Junkrat POTG

    5-Genji POTG

    6-Torbjörn POTG

    Please like and subscribe for more videos.

    Thanks a lot !

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    Wasn't intended to get the tire to stay up there but it worked! xD

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    My first play of the game as a non-turret character.

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    Symmetra Play of the game :)

    My play of the game

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    I'm not the most amazing Symmetra ever, but I've gotten compliments for some of my PotGs with her. I have a channel where I try to post mine in my signature. Here are just a couple (with one D.Va).

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    4x Torbjörn & 2x Bastion Win

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    Hey guys I'm going to start posting the best 5 Plays of the game or highlights of each week. By the time I realized that I wanted to do this I had lost some footage. Here is the 5 I like the most that I had saved. Checkout my other videos and subscribe for more overwatch videos, thanks!

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    This game is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Tracer play of the game/ mad movie

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    We are just dancing.

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