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    Saw this one earlier, it's not mine but figured it'd be worth showing. Still no idea how he has such of a great aim other than ">2000 hours in CS:GO" which I guess makes someone good? Never tried the game.

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    Accidently made a separate thread for this so I thought I'd post here, enjoy!

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    Quote Originally Posted by yogzula View Post
    Not gonna lie, those were some epic Reinhardt skills right there.

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    Temple Of Anubis Attacking 2minute win..... Got a ton on footage ready to be edited for a Lucio/Mercy/General Support Guide just need to get it Edited out, so Like/Comment/Subscribe and all that nonsense If you like what you see

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    Just got caught up on all the animated shorts Blizzard are doing for this game- genius.


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    Hey guys checkout my Top 5 best plays of the game from week 2. Please LIKE and SUBSCRIBE for more, thanks!

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    Chow Yun Fat gets Play of the Game . Please Nerf

    My first POTG video. enjoy

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    Quote Originally Posted by juicybu View Post
    I love that movie Funny video, but I'm going to move this to our video and stream megathread where it belongs.
    on the youtubes

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    Reaper montage!

    Quote Originally Posted by Kerdoz View Post
    You have an awesome highlight or a selfmade video to show? Post it here

    General rules apply
    Overwatch Highlights and Plays! #Reaper Montage! is my new youtube video

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    Realy nice videos guys. I think ill add my own one)

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    nice I like it, also have a overwatch youtube channel myself :P
    StewsonPlays is the name

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    Ex-Gears of War pro player here breaking into the Overwatch scene, I used to be somewhat big in the last of us community back in 2013-2015. I will be producing tons of Overwatch videos, providing fun & skilled gameplay videos. Once competitive mode is out, I'll be doing ranked non-stop.

    Enjoy! Subscribe if you enjoy my content .

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    Hello guys ive thought a lot about making my own compilation and there it is! Subscribe my channel if u liked it and write comments if something wrong)

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    wish we could have a different stickied thread for non-play of the game/animated things but oh well

    have quite a few overwatch animations up, including one featuring a bunch of peeps here on mmo-champ :P hope you enjoy

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    I wanted to add the two Zarya PotGs I've gotten recently since they're not so common.

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    for people to watch that complain about Torb being on Offensive teams

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    So . . . I got a few of my own. I play the game on XBox (yeah yeah shut up PC crowd, my coworkers all bought XBox so I picked XBox so I could play with them.)

    First off, here's one of me taking a few names as Pharah . . . and blowing my evil twin out of the sky. Watching Roadhog go bye-bye was pretty satisfying too:
    (Not a PotG)

    Then there's me on Widowmaker, making a kill that made me laugh, thanks to the help of Junkrat. Yeah, I suck at sniping. But this shot was great:

    And finally, a Pharah PotG. This is how you *should* do a Pharah ult. Not from the air where you'll get shot, but from ambush:
    (Oh and if by chance Kitty Caliber, you see this, I mean to vote for you, I hit the wrong button, sorry. You were great.)

    Last but not least, this is me using Rocket Barrage to kill some damn noob:

    They ask me why I'm bringin' - A baby into battle - That's really irresponsible - And getting them rattled
    I say "give me a break - Get off of my back damn, it" - I didn't learn parenting - My daddy was a planet

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