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    Smile Top 500 FragMovie

    Hello this is my new montage . hope u enjoy it
    the name of the video is : Overwatch Montage #2 by Kyūūbi (top 500)

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    I would like to share with you a Roadhog montage video I created a couple of days ago.
    As Roadhog is probably going to change to a faster shooting but less burst & combo-oriented character, this video could serve as a kind of tribute to the old
    Hook 3.0, 4-clip Roadie. Feedback ofc appreciated

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    I had a nice game in season 5 with a team of funny people in the voice chat. The match went smoothly with them

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    Hi, I am GM/Master player
    I've mashed up some Widow actions from my twitch together.

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    Quote Originally Posted by predTV View Post
    Hi, I am GM/Master player
    I've mashed up some Widow actions from my twitch together.
    very nice! I apologise for the question but how old are you? iam 36 and apparently my tracking is way more slower =)

    my druid Active

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    REINHARDT - Overwatch Montage

    My second reinhardt montage, starting to like playing him again Enjoy


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    McCree The Hedgehog

    So I found this video on the Overwatch Reddit channel and figured some might enjoy it here. Every time I see McCree roll I've always thought about Sonic, but this puts it in a new perspective. Original Reddit Post

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    This is my plays channel:

    I’m trash gold player but sometimes fun things happen so I save them here for posterity. Now it’s getting fairly populated I figured I might as well link it here.

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    Great Videos!

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    Sitting on my throne, as the one and only Queen of the dead.
    Been over a year since my last montage, figured i'd put one together.

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    Overfun (Overwatch): A bit of 'voiceacting'

    I must say....gamewise maybe but communicating wise...A golden one for me...

    I share this with ya guys...

    Behold 'a racist belgian player with german parents'....
    WoW Main chars --> Warrior: Bladestormer Rogue: Eranidus Hunter: Beastwhisper
    WoW Alts --> Mage: Sudinare Shaman: Stormlasher

    D3 classes: Wizard (main) - Barbarian - Demon Hunter

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    Fun custom game POTG

    "Humility defeats pride, Master Yang has preached. Pride defeats man"

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    Can't link vids...

    So Check out Mizumaragaming In youtube!

    Subscribe if you like what you see! :]

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    I've made a short Overwatch video mixing highlight intros & frags with an epic music. Don't know yet if this style of video editing fits to Overwatch but I wanted to give it a try:

    I would really appreciate some feedback (both positive and negative)! Looking forward to do more of these videos...

    Thanks in advance!

    Note: the intro has become too long for a 2 minute video I guess :/ but didn't want to cut the track even more...

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    Still cant link but..

    Check my newest vid on my channel Mizumara gaming on youtube ^^

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