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    ^it's every tuesday evening when a new event launches. today was such day.
    every other day is 95% without trouble

    on a side note: man I'm glad I stopped playing comp and stick to arcade and qp
    less toxic behaviour, crying and stress
    people actually care to win even if they try out new heroes they usually don't play
    no gold weapons for me anymore but I'm honest: a golden weapon is just not worth the trouble
    When scum rules the world only more scum are born...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sfidt View Post
    Not going at all because I have to sit in a queue behind 20 000 people 0.o

    I bought the game at a discount after a free weekend (I've played beta and liked it but not enough to pay full price) and been quite enjoying it playing casually every night or so. Didn't know that a multi billion dollar company can't get servers to hold enough players on a tuesday evening. What a disappointment
    Queue happens everytime a seasonal event launches as loads of people all try to get in at once, outside of that it's not a thing.

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