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    Quote Originally Posted by DeadmanWalking View Post
    It isn't elitism to not want to get mowed down by the same threat that mowed you down because you are so antisocial that you couldn't bother to tell me where a widow maker or turret was. It isn't elitism on my part because I want to be informed to take out a sniper that killed you before you come back.
    No no, it's not. It's just in how you, specifically you, say it.

    And yeah, there's literally no reason to use VoIP outside clan matches. Grab a dictionary if the word confuses you.
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    You used it in conjunction with "... oozing out of your ears..." and this is plain wrong

    And besides his wording, i share Deadman's opinion 100%. This game is supposed to be played with voice com. If you dont use it, you cripple yourself and, much worse, your teammates.

    Please go play Doom or enter Overwatch's training mode or play vs. AI - but dont bother other players with your ignorance.

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    Split push with a Dva, winston and zarya. Zen on healing and turret control, then Pharah and a mcree/76 for the sustained damage.

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    just take the pharah and suround them, 1-2 of the enemys will come back to you, and that is the chance of your mates to enter the gate.

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    You can also sneak around with a reaper or genji, but i prefer pharah, u can fly on the high building on the left in the base, its a little save spot for you

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    Voice communication is key

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    Winston and with lucio speedboost for quickdive. if you get lucky (catch the defense team off guard), you can easily cap that off.

    point B is trickier as the defending team will really most probably go full defense - torb / bastion / symmetra / mei - and any tank/dps + mercy (could be the biggest headache).

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    Point B on Hana is the worst of the cap maps, buts it's not that bad. Most of it really comes down to communication, and knowing the ways in. It's also 1 of the maps where, personally, I find it better to split up for flanking. Sometimes you can do it yourself if you are effective, sometimes you might need 1-2 others with you. Sometimes you don't even need to score kills to be effective. If you can play Pharah and get them to look at you while ducking in and out of cover at the balcony area while your team is building Ults and, hopefully, maybe get a pick or 2, you contribute more than you think you do.
    Much like using an Ult to kill 1 person. I see people make fun of it or try to trash talk to feel better, but if that solo Ult pushes the cart on a payload or guarantees a Mercy kill who's trying to hide for the Rez, it's worth it. So many people hold Ults trying to get those PotG style kills with an Ult that they hold their team back. I just had a Hana map today where our Rein never used his Ult, just held it for 2:30 of the last round because he couldn't get a guaranteed hit on everyone on point (no, he wasn't throwing and was very effective getting control on point A), where if he used it and knocked down the support or dps players behind and to the side of the Zarya tank, who knows how the game could have turned out.
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    Try and get behind dashing through the window as Genji. If they are pushed up on the choke, tap the point (or stay on it if they dont get off the choke). You dont even need to kamikaze ults if you can get them to spread out and loosin up on the front. Try and get a pick on a squishy character, if not, just stay alive and be annoying as genji. Plenty of walls to line of sight behind and theres 2 health packs near the point on the backside to reclaim health as solo.

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