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    Just started this game

    Looking to start playing Minecraft too see what all the hype is about. Played the demo a few times and I had a lot of fun diggings, destroying and creating random stuff. Time too play the full game.

    So my question is about mods. Do they conflict with one another? Which are the best ones too get?



    Biomes O'Plenty

    I also like the CaveBiomes (http://mods.curse.com/mc-mods/minecr...931-cavebiomes) and Elemental Caves. Not sure if those could conflict one another since I am pretty new too this game and don't know how the engine works.
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    Yes they conflict, no I don't know all the conflicts. I would suggest getting FTB. It offers mod packs, basically bundles of mods which are fan tested to be mostly conflict free.

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    Many mods will conflict with each other. I could see about getting you a full list of them.

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    Many mods do conflict so you will have to do some research before getting one

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    I still started to play it and the impression is not the best.

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    Yet I hadno problemes with the confrontation at all

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    I play it as well. Probably since it's release. Still loving it.

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    I played this game a couple months ago; however, I just got bored of it and quit. I did love playing Zombies and Hunger Games though.

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    Hello, I am new here and just starting to play Minecraft, I watched a few videos "how to play" on YouTube

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    Very interesting game, i have played it and so impressed.

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