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    Can stronger flavor compensate for the lack of smell?

    I've been wondering if anyone knows this.
    Since the body is designed to bring out the truest flavor of food through smell and taste combined, hence it's not the same feeling as when for example your nose is stuffed.
    So can a stronger flavour of a dish bring out the same result even if you can't smell?

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    Taste and Smell are the same thing. That's why one is diminished when the other is.

    A stronger flavour will penetrate the 'problem' more, but it can't make up for it.

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    About 80% of the experienced "taste" is actually "smell". You can only taste things like salty, bitter or sweet, but wether it is a salty cheese or a salty lets say piece of tofu can only be determined by smell. (apart from different texture of course).

    So, if you can't smell anything, it will not help to add more choclate flavor, you will not taste any choclate.

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    No, it is not possible.

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