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    Ancient Neltharion Tablet, written in Draconic, with translation

    I was poking things while doing a world quest around Neltharions lair which tasks you with gathering some unrefined elementium and killing two NPCs. Both target NPCs have the title of <Keeper of the Tablets>, and have several Ancient Neltharion Tablets laying around near them. For most people, they are unreadable due to being in Draconic.

    However, due to the events that happened when WotLK launched, I have a character that knows Draconis. As such, when that character reads the tablet, it says:

    All the tablets say the same thing, and further searching wasn't able to produce anything further, as the character is still lvl 100 and the area is 110.

    Is this tablet referring to the creation of Elementium itself, or something else?
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    It seems most likely that it is referring to Elementium.

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    This is pretty cool. It's cool that you investigated it the way that you did. This is what I love about the WoW community.

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    VERY cool, man. You're like an actual explorer. It's like you're on par with Brann!

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    Very good going man
    this is interesting to say the least
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    wE doNt kNoW wHat PlAyeRs wAnT FoR CHarACteR CrEaTioN MOdelS

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    That's a pretty awesome thing to have done. I forgot all about the Draconic bug. When I saw the thread title, I'm like "how did he translate it?"
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    cant wait i think my main is able to read draconic as well i so cant wait for this to be live! good find!
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    Is your toons rogues?
    I read somewhere that only rogues got the ability to use a third language.

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    Why the necro?
    Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
    wE doNt kNoW wHat PlAyeRs wAnT FoR CHarACteR CrEaTioN MOdelS

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kellorion View Post
    Why the necro?
    Probably because i linked this thread on wowhead recently, in regards to the warrior hidden skin.
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