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    Legion pvp, the choice what to roll once more.

    Me and two of my friends are having an issue on what to play in legion for 3v3. I have been a mage since vanilla and want to keep playing it. Any idea what comps is good combined with a mage? Fire or frost, doesnt matter.

    Apreciate all ideas!

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    One of the best comps atm in 3s arena is RMD: frost mage/ sub rogue/ resto drood. I bet this comp always will be OP, hence it is a safe choice for u and ur frs to play =), best of luck mate

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    Thank you for the reply Snegovik. havent been too much on the forums etc looking at comps yet just the class previews. Apreciate it

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    Play what you guys find fun. How much is a good rating worth if you hate the character you are playing ? (I know you enjoy your Mage, I'm more thinking about your mates here)

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    Yes, @Phurox is correct, unless you want to chase R1, play what you enjoy the most, i do this exact thing (my main is Ret, which is total crap this and last pvp season)

    Other strong comps for mage @Dodsferd are 1) Mage/boomy/Hpal 2) Mage/rog/priest 3)mage/shadow/hpal 4) RMD as mentioned in my 1st post. these 4 comps are both mad fun to play since u got ton of cc, high survival and high synergy.
    the second tier comps are 1) Mage/UA/Healer 2) Mage/War/Rdrood 3)mage/elem/healer 4)Mage/Ret/Disc or Resto drood

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