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    Casters always were and always will be better over all in Rated PvP than melee, hence nothing to worry about.

    Also ignore the top 5 burst classes, those videos are purely PVE burst game play, hence it does not relates to pvp, since no1 simply stands still in pvp and lets u unload ur cds on them.

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    warriors arent even supposed to be top mobile class

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    At the moment the only ranged spec viable in beta is fire mage, maybe arcane too. All the other ranged spec/classes do very little dmg and have very low mobility in comparison to melee. PvP is usually a disaster at launch in every expansion so don't expect this to be any different, just roll a melee if you want to have fun in pvp at launch.
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    Well, I knew something would happen to my sub rogue. Shadow Strike is a spammable 25yd teleport that cost less energy does way more damage than Ambush relatively does on live.

    I wasn't surprised at all when they said on the PvP Q&A that some abilities would have their damage reduced in PvP for the sake of balance.

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