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    Enhancement & Legion Main/Alts

    My last alt of WoD .. The very last build I try and man its a solid, solid build ..

    When I used to see an Enh shaman I made sure to stay the FUQ away from Stormstrike and if they used Ascendance I stayed well over 30 yrd away loool Now I know why ..

    Every 2 minutes I go mini-god mode (Feral Spirit+Ancestral Guidance) .. Every 3 min I turn into a boss with a 30yrd range .. In between its Purge time baby and oh boy do things get so much easier when you Purge ..

    I have no rated experience on this alt at all but from a casual POV I 'feel' extremely powerful .. In any case looking forward to Legion and right now my builds are:

    1) Enhancement
    2) Frost DK
    3) Feral
    4) Fire Mage / Shadow Priest (but if Demo is tanky I'll play that)

    What's your list?

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    Yeah, we should all roll the best current FotM/faceroll specs, then pat ourselves on the backs that we're "skilled" PvP'ers...

    And if you're looking forward to Legion, you haven't seen how actually shitty it will be for PvP in general. But Blizz will gladly take your 60 bucks.

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