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  • I don't eat sheep in any form.

    10 27.03%
  • I like lamb but not mutton.

    6 16.22%
  • I only eat mutton, not cute baby sheep!

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  • Before the grill, all sheep are equal and delicious!

    20 54.05%
  • Bungee, I just want to say my Love Ewe changed my life!

    1 2.70%
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    Do you love sheep?

    As a food animal, of course! The distinction between mutton and lamb being one of the awkward parts of the question, with "lamb" being applied to different ages of the critter and mutton having something of a negative connotation for some.

    It is BBQ season in Beijing, and street side grill places are everywhere. I've been enjoying the grilled sheep at a Xinjiang place a few blocks away, along with cold, fresh beer and maybe a plate of chao mian pian. It has become a summer ritual for me, but I realize that summer BBQ takes different forms around the world. With that, let's hear your thoughts on that sheep, and maybe whatever summer BBQ is for you!

    The pictures aren't from my local place, but they're similar.

    [Grrr! I really wish the Great Firewall or whatever would let the editing tools load! I'd appreciate it if someone could tell me the correct markup for images and links here.]
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    No. It tastes awful.
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    True, I was just bored and tired but you are correct.

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    Kiwis really love sheep

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    I am not from Wales or New Zealand.

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    Sheep... Nope...
    Never consumed sheep either.

    I can't imagine it tastes any more worse then Cow.
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    I can imagine some welsh people got very excited when seeing this thread...

    I prefer chicken or fish or beef to sheep/lamb though :/

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    I prefer women.

    Oh you mean as food?! Yes, sheep is great. Unfortunately get to eat it very rarely. It's expensive here and most of the time the only way to buy it is as frozen and in huge chunks.
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    Mutton is great if cooked low and slow to the point that it shreds off the bone, hit it with some serious spices (either go Indian subcontinent or North African in flavor profile.)

    Lamb, either a loin grilled medium (honestly don't understand people who like undercooked lamb) or ground for Shepherd's Pie.
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    Nothing better than fucking a sheep at the edge of a cliff

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    I like both.

    My dog freaks out like it's the 4th of July at the smell of cooking lamb though; it's so strange.

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    Let's do goats next!

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    I'm American, we don't really eat sheep a lot in any form for the most part. Sheep are for sweaters. We have cows/pigs/chickens to fill the meat quota.

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    Not really. Their meat tastes bad compared to cow, chicken, pig etc.

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    Yep, but I prefer to eat sheep in the soup rather than bbq.

    Though Cordero tastes better as an ingredient in the soup.
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    First thing I thought of with the Title.

    But yes, I love eating Lamb.

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    What comes to food, I think pork and cow taste better. Sheep are more suitable as pets or lawn mowers.

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    I've had a lot of lamb, which tastes great, but I don't think I've ever actually had sheep.

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    Not really. Only ever had it at Greek restaurants and usually it tastes too strong for my liking.

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    Sheep meat is delicious, especially when in a soup.

    Poor sheepy though...
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