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    Battlegrounds - Low Win Rate Alliance & Horde

    I haven't played my alliance Druid for quite a while, so i decided to try to complete my conquest gear last week. I was concurrently doing ashran and queuing for BGs at the same time.

    I noticed after 1-2 days that I wasn't winning much BG regardless of whether I used mercenary to play as horde.

    It was pretty much like lose as alliance, zone out of ashran, used mercenary as horde to queue and lose that BG as well.

    So i started recording down the number of games and their rate of winning. Playing as horde is slightly better but not much more.

    6 days of game play (avg 8 hours per day):-
    41 BG as alliance - win 8 games (19%)
    56 BG as horde - win 13 games (23%)

    There were certain days that I only win 2 games despite playing for about 14 hours. It's that bad.

    I was wondering if I am pitting myself against servers who had more average ilevel and had more content progression? If this is the case, is grouping of servers for battleground/ ashran fixed or randomised?

    It's the same with Ashran, I've only managed to kill High Warlord Volrath twice in 6 days of game play.

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    So um... you are saying that are mostly losing as both horde and alliance?

    Hate to... um... say this, but isn't the conclusion rather obvious in that case?

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    Que as a group with good people, a group of 5 can make a big difference if they know eachother.

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