Goodbye variety!

What if I wanted to stack mastery, because it was so good for my character or my team. What if I wanted to stack haste, because it suited well my playstyle, and I didn't enjoy conventional playstyles. What if I wanted to stack critical strike, because either I hated RNG or because my uptime on the target was limited and I wanted to make the best out of it.

Now Blizzard will dictate how much mastery haste or crit I need. Because everyone is the same. Because everyone is going to be the same. Because innovation suddenly becomes imbalance. Because fun becomes imbalance.

At least, I really really hope the game is going to get actively hotfixed, and the long sought balance WILL be found. If I see the very same comps again and again and again, you will have failed more and more.

I strongly believe wow PVP all about fun, even if that meant some imbalance. People that wanted to be competitive were playing other games.