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    Warlords Season 3 PvP Ends July 19

    Ok, no more Arenas and rated BGs, Honor and Conquests points and PvP gear are gone ... So ... is there a point to start farming PVP gear with my freshly dinged lvl 100 alt, if i only have 11 days left to get all itlvl 710 pvp gear? What about random BGs and Ashran?

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    Will the season 3 pvp gear be available for honor once the season ends.

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    Not sure if trashran will be operational seeing as it is disabled on PTR. I'd advise you to grab some baleful stuff and wait to do the farming during the prepatch. Templates will be active so everyone will have more or less the same shitty stats. Balancing was primarily done with the pvp coefficients of each ability.

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    Yeah 2ndaries are really low in pvp areas. Especially messed up since priest only gets like 11% crit but lots of the super bad mastery stat

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    The PvP gear is still good for PvE. My 715 Fury Warrior is wielding a pair of the Conquest two-handed swords since the only upgrades from it is the Archimonde sword on Heroic and Mythic difficulty.

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