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    Alliance <A> -frostmourne- RESTO SHAMMY LF RAID SPOT!

    Hi I have just returned to the game after a while off,
    i am looking for a raiding guild for legion, i did a lot of progressive raiding in ICC, CATA and some at the start of MOP.
    very dedicated and always improving!
    raid times that suit me are any week day start between 2 aest and5 aest.
    i am a kiwi and start work at 5 my time so i cant raid super late.

    thanks feel free to add my b.net

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    Hey mate I feel your pain, I get up at 5am. Decided to just tough it out and only get 6 hours sleep on raid nights
    Too hard to find a decent afternoon guild. Best bet is probably either a late night US guild or a weekend team.

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