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    Thanks to previous advices, I'm now comfortably playing my monk with RJW and have no problem with 2TP rotation. However I just dropped legendary shoulders, how does it influence my rotation? I'm unfortunately runing with high haste (~22%, hoping to drop some next lockout) and legendary chest.

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    Shoulders allow you to run the BL rotation for most of the fight. So you use KS every 6 seconds and once you have no charges you let it charge for 9. Something like

    KS - BoS - TP - BoF - BoS - TP - KS - BoS - TP - RJW - BoS - TP - KS - BoS - TP - BoF - BoS- TP - RJW - BoS - TP

    is infinitely sustainable.
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    Did they really give us a Tier 4 armor trait that is the same as one item having Leech on it?

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