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    14mil immolate tick

    190k DPS on Manno Mythic as Destro.

    His Immolate once ticked for 14 mil damage. How is that even possible?

    I also was @ Iron Reaver HC pug few moments ago, there was a ilvl 708 destro warlock and his Immolate once ticked for 910k damage.

    Well, even if someone boosts Immolate with Conflagrate and Roaring Blaze lvl 15 talent, it definitely shouldnt be possible to boost immolate that much...

    How, then?

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    Its an exploit

    First Immolate gets buffed by all Warlocks in the raid.

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    -best geared warlock puts immolate x 2 on target (can use manatap, ring and other talents couple seconds later) spam conflag
    -all other warlocks use immolate -> spam conflag
    they all use roaring blaze talent

    this way u can oneshot every boss
    works on beta too

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    We found the bug was increased exponentially with Copelands Clarity, after trying with various other trinkets and items. Copelands is infact broken.

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    I don't get it.

    So 9000mil DPS warlock is using Immolate -> Immolate -> Conflag -> Conflag

    And other warlocks are using immolate -> Conflag -> Conflag

    as well? And that's it?

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    It is fixed. We used it on a few bosses after reporting it to watcher and blizzard and WCL forums. It just stopped working.

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    Hotfixed in the middle of one of the pulls of Iskar we were going to use it on, lmao.
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