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    Mythic HFC Demonology questions

    So I was testing out new Affliction in a Mythic HFC run on Thursday just to see how it works. In an 11/13 semi-casual guild and we're really pushing to try and get Manny and Archy down before Legion, have gotten Manny to sub 10% but just can't close the deal. We were just clearing some of the easier bosses to test out our new classes, so I wasn't really trying to get the perfect spec yet, but then I looked at the warcraftlogs rankings today and holy hell is Demonology back to being insane. I imagine it's the synergy with the tier bonus and class trinket with the new abilities. So basically I had a couple questions:

    1) I noticed all the top locks had no damage from the dreadstalkers whatosever; are they not casting dreadstalkers at all because the imps are just that much more damage with the set bonus and class trinket? Is it just not even worth casting at all with full T18 and trinket?

    2) I noticed the top guys are going for haste itemization. I have a destruction/demonology crit/mastery set and then my affliction haste/mastery set and wasn't entirely sure which to use for new Demonology. Does this haste prioritization carry over into Legion as well once we lose T18 and class trinket?

    3) This is a beta question; I've been playing Affliction in the beta because I always just liked Affliction playstyle,hit 110 the other day, but is Demonology actually as powerful as these HFC logs are showing, or is it just because of the T18 bonus and class trinket synergy with the new abilities? Basically, since I haven't gotten around to testing it in the beta, does it still do awesome damage like that at 110, or is this just a temporary T18 thing?
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    I will answer question 1 and 2. This is how I understand it.
    If you have the 4 set and the class trinket for demo, using dreadstalkers arent worth it because you are using talents such as Shadowy inspiration, impending doom, hand of doom and soul conduit. So you pretty much end up only casting Shadow bolt, Demonic Empowerment and Hand of gul'dan (with the exception of CDs). The reason you do this is because you will get so many imps casting felfire bolts triggering the 4set. And the stats you should be aiming for are Haste and mastery as haste boosts the attack and cast speed of your demons aswell as making you able to summon them faster. And then the mastery because it increases the damage of your demons.

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    Who is Manny? Never heard of it...

    As for questions:

    First of all the synergy is between the number of imps summoned supercharged with Class Trinket and subsequent T18 demons triggered with their firebolts with T18 stacking damage bonus being permanently up because you spam Shadow Bolt/Demonbolt.

    1. Dreadstalkers do not contribute to above and are a loss to cast in pre-patch, so not used.
    2. Times change, Haste is now absolutely top stat for Demonology and Destruction, exact details are somewhat shrowded still, but at least in prepatch you can't go wrong with stacking Haste.
    3. No, the power you see is exclusively because of T18/Trinket abuse, I tested Legion plenty and Demo at 110 is very limited - if Blizzard will bump its damage a bit it will be good, but that did not happen yet so Legion Demo at 110 is weak at the moment, I'd even say weakest spec of 3.

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    Yeah it's imp spam all the way. Especially with Mannoroth you also get Implosion, which explodes all your imps on your current target. This is extreme damage on Manno's Imp spawns. You get 10+ imps out, Manno Imps spawn, you target one, hit Implosion and you're on top of the dps meter.

    This is my guild's Thursday Mannoroth kill. We simply went for "stay put and burn him" after previous attempts with our old tactic ran into timing problems. I still make many mistakes (ranked like 60% compared to other demo locks) but you can see how all I'm basically doing is bolts, hog, DE and Implosion on imps.

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