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    Opinions needed!

    I'm trying to decide a legion main class. I'm tired of re rolling every few months and I feel like the artifact system is a good way to keep a main.

    Right now I'm trying to decide between rogue and ww monk. I will mainly be doing PvP - world, arena, bgs.
    I don't want to pick monk and then a few patches down the line they get nerfed and aren't as viable or only have 1 good comp.

    So are rogues always good in PvP no matter what? Multiple comps, kings of world PvP, ect...
    Or will monks be in a good spot for legion PvP and not nerfed into the dirt?

    I've played and enjoyed both classes on the beta so saying "play what you like more" doesn't help in this situation.

    Thanks for any input!

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    these threads are quickly deleted, as there is no way we can help you here, everyone has different opinions, likes, hates, and attitude... so there is no way we can actively recommend a class to you... just try them all out, and see if you like them

    also its just more of "what class do i like? ok play that" its never about you... because we dont know you

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    ive looked into my crystal ball and saw huge monk nerfs coming in 3 months and even worse rogue nerfs in 5 months.

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