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    Idk, i am moderately stoked, if i bother to play it. Probably won't. But you know, looks alright.

    I guess my RL just doesn't fit playing WoW anymore, really.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jaylock View Post
    For me, I really can't think of anything that I have a problem with going into Legion. I am in beta and it seems very polished with where it's at. The classes feel varied and interesting and the content... there's almost too much content to consume. It's going to take players a very long time to do everything there is to do in Legion.
    if any it takes player long cause this time the content was parked behind gating behind gating behind gating.....

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    Quote Originally Posted by deviantcultist View Post
    Shadow priest.
    Priest isn't an option, seeing as it only has one actual dps centered spec. There would be no alternatives if that fell through. I'd prefer petless frost mage to actually be decent (and not gimped thanks to artifacts favoring the elemental), and fire would be a solid alternative if you could hide those flaming ball sacks from the artifact. Stupid annoyances that make me avoid playing caster classes. Guess I'll just stick to melee.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kaito92 View Post
    Well they have a whole fucking zone in suramar JUST for story devolpment, so i dont know i we can complain on that department
    I know, but still, the other reps don't get much development. Not a huge problem, but something I'm a bit disappointed about.

    Some of them are tied to the class order halls, though, and that gives them some more story

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    Artifact Power grind putting a massive shit on having offspecs.
    Legendary items that will break balance, encounters and friendships.
    13 melee specs with only 4-6 melee raid spots in Mythic raiding, compared to the 9-11 ranged dps spots with 11 ranged specs (8 being from 3 classes).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sylreick View Post
    The lack of options for a caster class that is petless and fun.
    Lack of ranged class/spec options in general... every single raid has 2-3 hunters, mages and locks. My guild hasn't had a dps monk since the first tier in MoP and haven't had a dps warrior since BRF. Raiding went from 25 to 20 which meant less room for all the specs in the game, for melee that was particularly devastating considering how many options there's now. If you're a melee now you're competing with 9 classes (13 specs) for 4-6 raid spots, you're in most cases screwed as Ret, WW, Feral, Enh but we'll see how legion goes. My guild will be rolling with Warriors, DKs, Rogue(s), DH and maybe have 1 spot for Ret or whatever else. | Recruiting exceptional players!

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    1. Ability pruning removed so many utility and CC skills. I'm sure the "nothing but the damage rotation" class design fine if you're a raider or if you're extremely casual, but for competitive PvP it's really, really bad.

    2. Artifact progression means it will be harder to play multiple alts effectively in PvP.

    3. I'm really disappointed with the Rogue redesign, because that's been my main for 12 years and none of the 3 new specs bears much resemblance in its toolkit or playstyle to the class that I originally fell in love with.
    Subtlety Rogue was an amazing, incredible, unique, and fun spec prior to Legion and BfA

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    Follower missions.

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    My biggest problem with Legion is all the whiny virgin basement dwelling menchildren that are constantly complaining about it.

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    Let me clarify something to the fan bois:

    Class changes. The reason for having these forced, unnecessary class changes is NOT to make them more fun or enjoyable, NOT to make them more distinct and unique between each other.

    There are 2 reasons for the class changes just like there were in MoP and Cata: 1st is to add to the list of features in order to justify the high cost of the expansion. 2nd reason is to make people re-discover and re-play all classes once again. The point behind this is to refresh interest to the classes and therefore reinforce interest in WoW in general. That is all.

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    Been playing since early Alpha, and continue to be enthusiastic about Legion overall. That said, I really dislike the mission table and the fact that interacting with it is required. Yes, I'm over-reacting because I disliked WoD garrisons so much, but the fact remains that I'd be happy if nothing remotely related to garrisons had made it into Legion.

    Still really looking forward to everything else, though.

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    I hate the achievement to get flying/waiting till last patch to get it shit. Just let me buy it at max lvl with gold.

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    - Warriors not getting Shalamayne as artifact
    - Warrior class order hall
    - Fury

    Rerolling to something else now...

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    My hunter lost 90% of utility tools... i loved hunter because i had a tool for every situation and i used them daily.

    My druid lost the whole "jack of all trades" capability - you only get the most basic spells for the forms that are not your main spec, even with the affinity talents it is very pathetic.

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    Talents, artifact power, and PVP talents. If they want to add some much pseudo-RPG stuff back, then give us complicated trees conducive to creative or individual play, a couple PVP only abilities tied to prestige, and like some sort of Artifact "spec" that gives some benefit to a specific desired play style.

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    Prune: The Sequel will likely be the primary reason I get bored with the game this time around. That, and the fact that there's anything remotely resembling followers & a mission table.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tiarno View Post
    - Warriors not getting Shalamayne as artifact
    - Warrior class order hall
    - Fury

    Rerolling to something else now...
    The class hall actually played a role in me not going back to my warrior. That and no Glad Stance and DH are fucking fun as hell

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    1) no flying on launch
    2) removal of ML which effectively kills pugging
    3) lack of real catch up mechanism of artifact power on alts/double specs
    4) order halls being cockblock for progression
    5) pruning that went a bit to far rendering almost all classes very boring to play (grpahically good but boring like hell)
    6)locking out dungeons behind rep grind (seriously how retarded devs are with that )

    atm im really afraid legion will end up worse then WoD regardless of how much stuff they will put in - so far most of it is mediocre at best
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    My biggest problem in Legion is the disadvantage pure dps are going to have when it comes to artifact power. As someone who is going to main Havoc DH and alt WW Monk I feel someone who plays a mage, rogue, hunter, lock is going to go crazy with their decision making. Regardless of how I spend my artifact power I will always have just 1 dps spec. I don't have another dps spec to fall back on so the only thing I have to worry about is if Blizzard keeps my two toons competitive. For a rogue though, what happens if they dump all their AP into assassin and end up buffing outlaw to be the more competitive spec. A serious progression raider will be screwed in that situation. Say you spent 2million AP on Assass and now you are 2 mil AP down for Outlaw.

    I just don't wanna deal with being weaker on alt specs.

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    Legion tries to go back to a more reasonably paced form of progression, to avoid the apathy of WoD, but then adds even more systems to make sure every single raid drop is useful. Extra rolls, primary stat switching (seriously, gearing a druid used to take time) and giving items to others if its not an upgrade for you.

    There's a balance but once again Blizzard takes the route that on paper makes sense and is appreciated by players, but will take away something that is harder to quantify. If players have nothing to strive for inbetween releases of new content they become bored. Simple as that.

    It's like arguing why no-flight might present a better experience as a whole in a new continent, but it's easier to just argue that ones "speed was nerfed and Blizzard wants to artificially prolong it".

    Everything is artificially prolonging the game, it's called the game
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    The problem is that nothing can really replace it either.

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    My biggest issue with Legion is all the haters and slandering going on. I understand and respect that people have different ideas of what would make wow "perfect" and when blizzard doesn't make the changes you where hoping for. You get a little (read alot) salty.
    But if you're going to hate on Legion. Please do so with valid arguments. I see alot of people complaining about stuff that just isn't true. Like the lack of content at max level.

    People are complaining and hating on Legion based on what other people have experienced while trying alpha/beta. That's my biggest problem with Legion.

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