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    Legion PvP Profession

    Will you still need MAX professions to help your stats in pvp arena/bg? I haven't played in a couple of years but thinking of coming back for the legion expansion. Only thing that worries me is to level up professions again to get that "edge" in arena.

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    Nope for Arenas. Been that way for a while.

    Engineering helps in Random BGs.

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    Boost and gliders will be usable again in randoms, nothing else will matter at all. Cooking I guess.
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    Engineering for world/random PvP, as always. Besides that it doesn't matter as everything else is disabled in rated combat.
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    are there stat bonuses for professions at all anymore even for raiding? Sorry I'm in the same boat.

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    nope for anything rated, and perhap instanced, but i read dev notes that this could change in the near future in non rated instances like normal bgs.(ingi tools of any sort)

    There is openpvp the question for me is if it will be cross realm or not, but i heard rumors you can attack your own faction on some places.

    We have world pvp quests at least, where on some servers at last, you could use some gadgets of engineering and i consider to couple it with alchemy.

    Why is that you ask? ;>

    alchemy has a potion that gives you 10% stat increase in the open world:


    similar to the tents for leatherworkers in wod gives 10% stat increase.


    another potion that works exactly as a rogue sprint just way faster, this is maybe a little bit too good, its better than most sprint cds of ANY class and the cd is very short with just 1 min.

    But you could proably buy those in an AH, too. Doesn't look to be BoP.

    now the real deal:http://www.wowhead.com/spell=213255/...-meat-to-pants

    nah just kidding!


    this trinket is well suited for PvP.......why you ask? Well it requires alchemy in order to equip it, so you need the professionin any case it got a good main proc stat and versatility one of the best secondary stats for anything PvP. And there is 40% more heal for consumables.

    Would say, especially thits trinket along with the speed potion(that is overtuned....if wowhead is correct, 150% speed for 8 sec with 1 min cd is insane!) and that trinket with pretty good stats(you should be able to upgrade it to higher ilvls) that gives more heals is especially good for certain dd classes. Like for example the whole dk class and their specs, they all lackt this. And its useful for most melees, i would say. But a slow dk for example(i don't main one just saying) will benefit the most of this, maybe a ret, too. i mean alchemy AND engineering. Problem is you better have a farm char for herbs and ores, as they will be quite expensive at the start of the expansion.

    if you don't do wpvp ignore this and just play whatever profession you want. But there are definately big differences in what profession is actually benefiting you in wpvp and which are totally useless in that regard and are just useufl for either pve or money making. Leather and inscription, both are verypowerful at this, but in pvp? not so much.

    And there is some QoL that your flask last 2 hours.

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