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    It would only make sense if it offered an alternative goal or objective to winning.
    So far we have capture the flag, conquer and control, zerg, and combinations of them.
    We also have open world stuff like a gladiator arena and then actual arenas.
    Something that would be interesting to me, although highly controversial, would be a BG where it promotes a more peaceful kind of battle. The objective is to win but without killing the members of the other faction, in fact you would be penalized by it. Instead, each team races towards advancing their base by gathering resources, upgrading technologies and expanding to new locations to diversify their civilization. Ofcourse fighting will be involved if your team wants to steal a location for their expansion or if they are both trying to gather resources from one node, but senseless killing will adversely affect progress, making CC more desirable.
    And as far as the resources gathering goes, players will actively need to gather them, unlike the conventional capture a mine and guard it. Maybe even take it further and make it so that players need to know the profession in order to gather.

    It would make sense to me especially in an expansion like Legion, where the horde and alliance needs to work together, towards a similar goal, which can be reflected within the bg.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Atelniar View Post
    Yea, no, just asking for more blacklist options won't work. It's not hard to realise why Blizzard only opts for 2 as it is. But it you made the BG's roll from season to season basis you would have more variety and more time for the developers to tweak the maps as they are not in the rotation for a month or so? Like in other PvP centric titles, such as World of Tanks.

    That way you could suffice with one blacklist option, not two.
    Very valid point, and I agree. They could and should rotate BG's to keep the playerbase engaged and not as fragmented. If the current system is to stay, I wouldn't mind another blacklist slot - but that's purely biased since as I mentioned, I hate SOTA

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    I'm a casual. New battlegrounds aren't worth making. Just cater to LFR casuals cause that's how the game should be focused on.
    "I'm not stuck in the trench, I'm maintaining my rating."

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    We need Huttball. That was fun in SW:TOR.
    Atoms are liars, they make up everything!

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    It would be nice to see something new. Player oriented, no machines etc.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kryos View Post
    We need Huttball. That was fun in SW:TOR.
    best map ever made! if the dev's wasn't idiots and let me queue for that one and only that one.. i'd still be playing swtor.. but then they went full on idiot mode and introduced arenas and thought it would be a great idea to add it to the random queue..

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    I just want Tarren Mill vs. Southshore back as a permanent BG. I don't understand Blizzard's hate for a basic TDM match.

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    Not important at all, to be quite honest i'd prefer no bg over shitty battlegrounds such as the battlegrounds that got introduced in Mists of Pandaria and Wrath of the Lich King as well as Alterac, i'd rather get some battlegrounds removed than getting new ones

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    I think some more bgs would be fine, just as long as the bgs involve only killing each other (like tarren mill vs. southshore) not an objective map. I think it would be cool if there was a FFA BG, meaning everyone would be your enemy (similar to highmaul coliseum). I think they already have something for world pvp where if you stepped in a certain zone, everyone is turned against you.

    At least we get new arenas.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hexxidecimal View Post
    So earlier there was a bit of an exchange between me and another forum goer that sparked my curiosity. I had made mention that if you were a serious PvPer that perhaps it was time to find a game that catered to you better. Simply because PvPers hadn't received a new BG since MoP and it felt like Blizz had stopped developing for PvPers in my mind.

    Granted I am a casual PvPer now. Haven't been serious about since vanilla. Even then it's not like I hit High Warlord, I did not. Anyhow the response I got to my state was this.

    "Who says PvP needs anything new? Oh that's right, the casual player or PvEr that doesn't actually do any PvP. PvP is about the player vs player interaction not "new things". Sports are the same thing every year, i don't see athletes and fans quitting because they don't get "new things".

    So out of curiosity I wanted to ask the PvPers here if new BGs are important to you at all and if so how important?
    Agree entirely with your friend. The sports analogy was a bit meh, but the rest of it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bamboozler View Post
    It's called Alterac Valley. Check it out. Serious as hell, not even kidding. This is how Horde wins it, TDM-style, in my battlegroup.
    What? Horde actually wins AV? What Bgroup is this?

    I am asking because the situation at least up til the middle of warlords was so bad (EU side), horde would never w AV or IoC.

    Also what is TDM?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ttak82 View Post
    What? Horde actually wins AV? What Bgroup is this?

    I am asking because the situation at least up til the middle of warlords was so bad (EU side), horde would never w AV or IoC.

    Also what is TDM?
    TDM is team death match, a term most commonly used to describe a gameplay where two teams face each other and the first team to reach a set numbers of kills wins.

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