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    Quote Originally Posted by Nialon View Post
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    Did you get that from that website? Or just from my character sheet? What should I aim for? Is there any breakpoints of Critical Strike?
    Your crit on chaos strike is 32.7%, that's very low.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Demifox View Post
    I'd like to up my Dps, as I know I'm not doing as well as I should be. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Wow armory link us,battle,net/wow/en/character/malganis/Demifox/simple

    My mythic kills for comparison

    As this is mythic raiding, I really don't want to be replaced or Sat because of poor Dps performance, I just got my first legendary last night, so I'm sure that'll help, but I'd rather be at my best. Thanks, please quote my post so I can find it easier when you respond.

    All links have their periods replaced with commas for new poster reasons

    Your guild hero'd at 30%, guild should probably hero at 100% due to better uptime on everyone's DPS, 1x bres should be saved for 30% since it's very likely for a tank to die.

    As a result, your meta and hero did not sync.

    Chaos Blades not synced with meta nor fury.

    Missed glaive and fury casts, but this is forgivable due to Ursoc fight.

    Casts during momentum needs work.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jingoo View Post
    Hey guys. I've been looking through my logs from Mythic Nythendra kills and i'm wondering why am i performing so badly...

    And my armory:á/advanced

    Uptime for Momentum seems okey'ish i think, speced for Fel Barrage simply for mind controls, next thing is my Ursoc DPS which seems to be bad (?) not sure about it but doesn't look very satysfying to me. Could you help me out here? Is it my gear with bad luck on secondary stats? Bad trinket choice, talents? Show me the way i should follow because i'm simply lost. Thanks in advance.
    Fel Barrage is unnecessary for MC. FR Eye Beam is more than enough.

    CS crit is above average.

    Whilst staying alive in Heart of the Swarm is important, you can also DPS in this phase.

    You used your 2min trinket twice in a 7minute fight.

    You missed a ton of casts:

    Casts during Momentum is good.

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    I switched some items around (since they decided to drop now) and my stats should be way better. Any chance to get an oppinion on whether or not the distribution is good now?

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    Here one of my last fight: www,warcraftlogs,com/reports/Na914b6qzrjVWnP8#type=summary&source=4&graph=true&view=events
    Im using this talent: 1133111 (and not 1233111 as usual)

    Im doing something wrong? the change of talent can increase my dps a lot?


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    Hello guys. I need some help with Simc.
    I don't really want to brag, but this week I got the Blessing from the RNGods and got the legendary giant ring and 880 ilvl shadow relic that increase my CS crit damage.
    As i saw how the game play changed with the ring and how heavy spam on CS have become I decided to start farming Arcway M+ for 2 fel relics with CS crit dmg too.

    Can someone tell me, when I import my char, where in the code I have to change the relics so I can run simulations with 3 relics that give CS crit dmg?
    Should be obvious but I think the value of mastery might jump lil' bit with that setup and I can pull some monster dps :}
    If hero+lucky strings+Memento proc I have spiked to 1mln burst last night (now that is braging ^-^ )

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    hi all

    since the update 7.1 i would say i have some serious problems provideing a good ammount of dps at EN ( heroic, and non heroic )

    links to logs, and charakter
    iam switching between fel barrage and chaosblades for ST and aoe fights

    so my opener ( usuall ) is :
    1 sec before pull i use potion of the old war
    chaosblades ( if single target )
    throw glaive
    fury of the illydari
    fel barage ( if multy target )
    chaos strike spam
    eye beam ( short before methamorph runs out )

    till here iam ending up with arround 500k dps for the burst phase ( this is usually ok i guess )

    than i keep on rushing and chaos strike, blade dance, retread, throw glaive, rush and so on
    blade dance, iam using as a filler
    if i have to less fury and will end up with auto attacks iam using arcane sotrm to get some fury up and keep on rushing from the left to the right side of a boss

    when the "burst " phase is over iam ending up with arroun 220k dps at single target fights ...
    and i belive there starts the problems, and the errors i make
    i spoke with many other DH from my server, and all of them have a different opener, and a different way to play at all.

    if something is realy missing than tell me, and i try to provide it asap
    for myself i cant say where the error is, and how i can change it, so i hope that some of u have a much better understanding regarding the DH and can point me to some stuff what is wrong and what need to be changed
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    Can anyone give me a hand with SimC setup. It seems to be totally off with my DH. When I simulate other characters I'm getting much higher number than on my DH. Right now at ilvl 872 it says my average DPS is 223881 but my friends fire mage with no gems/enchants etc at ilvl 865 is pulling 277346.

    The logs for Ursoc has people doing 356k DPS as havok which is miles ahead of SimC.


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    Hey guys,

    I am terrible at reading logs. Here is a link to our recent mythic Ursoc kill, where I finished at 304k DPS. If yall could help me out, I would appreciate it. Any tips, tricks, or rotation fixes.


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    Can someone please check my logs? My guild is looking to start mythics, and I want to squeeze out some more DPS.

    www . warcraftlogs . com/reports/t3dw6PcVrZ4zj1Da/#type=damage-done&fight=5

    Sorry I can't post any links yet.

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    Hey folks,

    First of all, I really do love the Demon Hunter class, but with the lack of getting my damage right I'm facing the issue of reroll or lose my spot for Mythic. Prior to rolling my Demon Hunter, I've played a Paladin, Warlock and Druid at a decent level 75% percentile on old heroic / Mythic raids.

    Here is though, I am unsure what I am doing wrong. Here's a link to our last Heroic Ursoc kill:

    Only ended up in the 16% for my class on my gearlevel (875). I think my Momentum uptime is decent with 58% and a crit rate of 56% on Chaos Strike.

    Some help and insight would help alot, because I am at a loss on how to improve my DPS.

    Thanks for the help in advance.


    edit1: Apparantly I can post links.
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    Hi fellow Demon Hunters.

    Jilneas here from the Guild Eldritch on Silvermoon.

    I require your aid in boosting my dps for pushing myself further up the damage meters.
    I currently have quite a good gear imo, i sim after every upgrade to secure that i am currently wielding the strongest weapons and armor available for me.

    My armory is: eu. battle. net/wow/en/character/silvermoon/Jilneas/advanced
    My ilevel is: 874
    My relics are 1 Critical Chaos, 1 Demon bite 6% dmg 1 throw glaive 6% dmg
    My trinkets are quite good imo... please inform if you know a better setup of trinkets.

    I would very much appreciate if the pro demon hunters that analyse dps and help people do shit right can help me reach a high point of dps.

    I am atm a bit unsure if my opener is the right one to use on different bosses. therefore i have linked my logs for mythic ursoc and elerethe down under this line of text, and in there you can also see my personal logs where you can find older logs. But the most relevant is the last mythic and hc clear.

    I have currently swapped to Demon blades and Chaos blades on all bosses...

    Hopefully you can help me top the damage meters even more!

    www . warcraftlogs . com /reports/pK1vPNm9YH6WXQzD

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    Hello! I'm looking for help for a guildie of mine that are having some issues with his dps (in my opinion).

    I have some logs that are recorded:

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    Hi guys. DH is my dream class ever since TBC came out, i dreamed to play Demon Hunter, and now after my dream came true, i suck at playing it. Can't understand where i suck exactly, if my talents or my rotation or gear is the problem, and i don't know what to do to fix it. So for u to help me i am supposed to give my last EN hc run and my armory, but i cannot post links. So if u want to help me, u must search for my armory (Shadowrath - stormscale - belf DH) and the logs for my last performance can be found in the warcraftlogs, my guild is Warfare (stormscale) and the last EN hc run is on 3rd of November. I hope this helps u to help me and sorry for the bad English.

    Thanks in advance for the help.

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    Hi, wondering if i can get a bit of help.

    2 things really,

    1, i know im doing "something" wrong. I`m sure i can improve my momentum play regarding spending pain properly and storing more before momo. But i`d like to know more accurately where i`m going wrong.

    2, after comparing my logs with a few other dh logs i found, it seems my chaos strikes/annihilation do significantly less damage than the other guy. Other damage outputs seem comparable, but specifiaclly chaos strike/Anni. I would put it down to doing too many out side of momo, but from looking at logs, i do much fewer casts of CS , because i wait too long for momo windows (another area i need to improve) . These are against similar geared dh`s, so its not a simple case of gear.

    Heres a log of my most recent ursoc kill (very average i know, but ive been getting more and more disheartened, and think its affecting my play)

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Oh, another thing i forgot, the logs i checked against, both had anger ring(ofc, everyone else seems to have it :/ ) but that should only increase amounts of CS cast, not the damage they do.
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    Newer Player lacking knowledge

    Good Afternoon Everyone,

    There are a few reasons why I am posting here. I started playing wow in 2008 with little knowledge about MMO. A college roommate lead me to this game and quickly fell in love with how much you can literally do. I have been playing on and off since then but never really understood what rotation was. To be completely honest I was the guy that would spam the number keys until something was killed.

    Over the last few weeks I have joined a guild and due to my low DPS I am quickly kicked out of the raid. I have asked several members their rotation and what talents they are using for some guidance but still my STD is in the 140's. I seem to be a little better when it comes to AOE in the Mythic + dungeons but for someone with my stats I am told I should be well over 250k.

    Last night we did Nythendra on Heroic. It will not allow me to link our fight from last night but I am AZERILLA in the Guild MYTH.

    My goal is to be able to learn the correct play so I can join in on guild fights. If there is anything else please let me know.

    Thanks for your time,

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    I'm not doing nearly as well as I should. Never studied my logs before, so please point me in the right direction.

    If you need anything else let me know. Thanks!
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    Havok DPS

    Hello everyone, I have been really struggling with my dps as a Havok DH. I feel like I have worked my rotation out, but I still seem to be near the bottom of our guild dps on most fights. I feel like there has got to be something I am missing. I will link my armory and logs below and would appreciate any pointers.

    Armory: us . battle . net/wow/en/character/tichondrius/Kiande/simple
    Logs: www . warcraftlogs . com/reports/C1HGYmNVvdP8JFfb#fight=11

    Thanks for yout time,

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    Hey guys. I have come here in hopes to get some pointers on increasing my single target dps. I struggle to do as well on single target as I do on AOE fights. I feel like I have a decent rotation after fixing it following my last log post but there is always room for improvement. Logs -

    Thanks for looking and hopefully I can improve as I did last time you guys helped me out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Scrotie View Post
    Hey guys. I have come here in hopes to get some pointers on increasing my single target dps. I struggle to do as well on single target as I do on AOE fights. I feel like I have a decent rotation after fixing it following my last log post but there is always room for improvement. Logs -

    Thanks for looking and hopefully I can improve as I did last time you guys helped me out.

    from what i saw @ ursoc
    1. u use throw glave too many times (6) w/o momentum
    2. Also see no reason not to BL on pull so u can sync. it with CB and Meta. Overall kill timing is bad for u cuz u couldn't pop 2nd meta aswel.
    3. Old war > prolonged strength unless it's 3+ tar i think.
    4. try using CB 1 sec before pull having full mastery gear ( can get up to 45-50% dmg increase during CB), and then switching back to normal gear
    that's prolly it for the first part... might check more in depth later.

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    Spec: Havoc
    Ilvl: 871
    WoWProgress (For Artifact traits):

    Classic case of Ursoc Progression and low dps, I'm posting on behalf of my guildies to get some logs analysis by people who know what's going on with their spec. Lysithea is a pretty good player and very competitive, so any and all feedback to improve will be appreciated. I apologise for not being able to guide you towards an specific issue, like requested in the thread's front page, but I don't play DH myself so I have absolutely no clue where he's going wrong.
    Thanks in advance.
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    Hey All,
    Spec: Havoc
    iLVL: 867
    Armory: http : //us . battle . net/wow/en/character/stormreaver/Hixie/simple
    WoWProgress: http : //www . wowprogress . com/character/us/stormreaver/Hixie
    Logs: https : //www . warcraftlogs . com/reports/kbyADgxFaWzmC7Kn/#type=damage-done&fight=9

    So I'm not sure what is wrong, but my DPS looks to be low for my iLVL. We were doing Heroic ToV last night and during the Guarm fight it was decided to drop me after some failed attempts due to low DPS. I'm not sure where or what I'm doing wrong... but will appreciate any help.


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