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    [H] Barthilas <Elitist> Weekend mythic guild LFM for legion

    <Elitist> is a guild of people looking to have fun while also progressing at a higher than average pace through current content. Elitist is a guild composed of many people with prior experience of hardcore progression in not only WoW, but other MMOs as well, and we are looking for dedicated raiders with a similar mindset. We are currently 7/7 Heroic Emerald Nightmare, and looking for more members to push into mythic.

    Our raid core is composed of multiple people already who have prior top 5 server, top 100 US, and competitive PvP scores. We all have exceptional experience within the game, and want to combine it to push further into the game with a cohesive group that can buckle down and get things done, while still having fun. We already have precision down, with our group having parsed in the 99th percentile for execution of the fight, and we're looking forward to doing that in Mythic as well with you on our team.

    Currently Seeking:
    Melee DPS:
    - DK (high priority)
    - DH (med priority)
    - Ret paladin (high priority)
    - Any plate wearer with OS Tanks given higher priority over those without
    Ranged DPS:
    - Hunter (high priority)
    -Boomkin (high priority)
    - Spriest (high priority)
    - Any class apply

    Exceptional applicants of any class or role will be happily accepted as well.

    Guild Info
    Server: Barthilas
    Faction: Horde
    Timezone: GMT +10 (Melbourne, Australia) / Server Time
    Voice Platform: TeamSpeak3
    Loot System: Loot Council
    Raiding times: 14:00-17:30 Saturday/Sunday AEST (Server TIme)
    9:00PM - 12:30AM Fri/Sat PST
    12:00AM-3:30AM Sat/Sun EST

    What We're Looking for in Raiders
    - Dedicated raiders: Raiders who will do what it takes to understand their class, the game, the encounters, and those who are dedicated to the team and seeing it succeed.
    - Stable internet and computer: A DC'd or consistently lagging raider is a poor excuse for a raider.
    - Good etiquette: Don't be waving your e-peen in everyone's faces. Be on time for raid (pref ~15 minutes early). Be responsible for yourself and your actions.
    - Humble raiders: Accept criticism. Realize that your s*&t stinks just like everyone else's. Be willing to be there for others who were previously in your shoes.
    - Ability to have fun: That's what we're all here for, right? We are serious about progression, but in the off-time we're all joking and having a great time. We'd like to see people who can be in a similar environment.

    All exceptional players are more than welcome to add me for an interview. Looking forward to hearing from all applicants. That1MikeGuy#1191 is my btag, add it at any time.
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