Hello all!

As many of you, I've been playing a ton of Legion beta recently. One of my favorite classes so far is the Mistweaver Monk.

I normally main Restoration Shaman and Restoration Druid, but the Mistweaver is probably going to replace the Druid for this expansion.

1. Regular Talents:
So many interesting choices...
- Mistwalk, Celerity and Healing Elixir make Mistweavers a very hard target to kill. While there are other decent options to replace these talents, I believe that this trinity of abilities make you one of the most evasive targets in the game.

- Leg Sweep seems to be very hard to hit, especially considering that the beta servers match you with cross-continental opponents. Song of Chi-Ji would be a great talent to replace it if you're playing a stun-heavy comp, but I've had a bad experience with the talent. For whatever reason, it seems to always bug out and not have any effect whatsoever. However, it does work like a charm in some cases.

2. Honor Talents
Even more interesting choices. Why u do dis, Blizz?

- Since I'm planning on being Horde for Legion, I will be going Orc Monk in order to reap the benefits from the Orc racial. I find the pairing of Relentless with Orc racial to be quite broken and an advantageous choice for any healing class. However, if you're in to playing other races, the Gladiator's Medallion will probably be your best choice.

- Zen Focus is a great talent choice considering that getting interrupted on a Mistweaver can really set you back. The short cooldown allows for multiple uses per game and guarantees that you have a shot to catch up after taking a full CC.

- Can't play without Chrysalis

- Fortune Turned and Refreshing Breeze are great. I'm glad that the final tier has a challenging choice rather than a cookie-cutter *YOU MUST GO THIS* ability. Fortune Turned will be the most frequent choice for most players, but Refreshing Breeze really does come in handy when dealing with DoT and other spread-damage comps. Healing Sphere seems a bit weak... ;(

Overall, Monks are in a good spot. I'm super excited to play Mistweaver for Legion season 1.

I posted a video guide that goes a little bit more in depth. If you're interested:

<3 Jon