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    Pvp in prepatch vs 110

    How will PVP be at 110 compared to how it is now on live in terms of pace/scaling. I hope its exactly the same because live is a blast right now.

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    Its not the same at all. People die about 1/3 faster.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ouch View Post
    Its not the same at all. People die about 1/3 faster.
    People die 1/3 faster at 110?

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    As with most pre-patch vesus expansion, it will most likely be very different.
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    Quote Originally Posted by haerts View Post
    People die 1/3 faster at 110?
    Whats confusing about what i typed? People die 33% quicker then at 100 in pvp zones. Dpser gets access to their dps burst in pvp talents and their artifact weapon spells and traits, more burst.

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    well at least 1/3 more.... ;>

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    Seriously, most prepatches were a giant oneshot-mess all around. But this right now is just plain boring and simply decided by number of healers on teams.

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    Yeah, slow PVP is gutter trash tier.

    Hopefully they keep legion pvp very fast paced, it's great.

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    Pre-patch is always broken, whether you do zero dmg or simply 1 shot people.

    Lvl 110 gets interesting and stuff actually dies, just like every expansion.

    Well, every expansion except for WOD, WOD was a garbage expansion for pvp.
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