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    Druid macros

    Since I got my druid to 100 from the invasions just because i could, I decided to try him out in pvp. Could someone give me some basic druid macros for Feral and Balance?
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    I'd recommend keybinding/macro'ing your shifts.. but that's about it really, all I've ever needed on my druid. The only macro i would've gave you would've been powershifting ones, but they were removed, so eh.

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    If you don't have an addon that allows for binding mouseover spells, those would probably be helpful. Useful for off target damage/healing, and if there is no mouseover, it just casts at your target. With this you have to be cognizant of your mouse position on the screen and can sometimes be more of a hassle than it's worth.

    /cast [@mouseover, nodead][@target] $INSERTSPELLNAME

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    Not much needed really, besides the same stuff you have on other classes. Depends how far you want to go with them. Obviously you'll want your typical stuff like target arena 123, focus kick, etc.

    Only things I can think of that are Druid related now that powershifting has been removed:

    Decurse (remove corruption) macro for arena1 and arena2, to dispel hex/wyvern sting off your partners.
    /cast [target=name] Remove Corruption

    Innervate your healer for balance.
    /cast [target=healername] Innervate

    You could also do something similar with healing touch if you want to use the instants on someone.

    But yeah, there's not really anything you need. I'd avoid mouseover macros. They're terrible.
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