I've only played Enh Shaman at 100 so I'm not sure how it plays at 110, or how WW Monk will play at 110. Currently at 100, I feel Enh Shaman does good damage, but lack the ability to snare/root opponents and not many ways to catch up ala Heroic Leap/Death Grip. It's very thematic class though so it's a plus since everything looks so cool. Defensive wise I feel we are also lacking. Not many defensive CD and the self heals don't really do much, but many people tell me at 110 it'll be different.

I'm curious about how Enh Shaman perform as solo queue BG vs playing as WW Monk at 110. For example how is burst/sustain damage between the 2 classes. How are they defensive wise. Which class allows for "mistake" in their rotation and be more forgiving, etc. If anyone who has experience in both classes can elaborate, it'll be most appreciated.