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    With legion being a day away, im still unable to choose between WW or sub

    Im already far beyond the point, choosing the class to main for legion is hard.. the artifacts made me less of an altholic and more of maining 1-2 class.. But in legion i wana have 1 class i can stay competitive without having to spent 1-3week grinding those artifacts....




    Both playstyle are very different, and i love both.. which is why its really hard for me to decide..


    - Kits of ww are really fun, we have Karma for that "Oh shit im dead" moment
    - Sub has the feel of control
    - WW don't have to rely much on other things but keeping that hit combo point and not fucking up the rotation
    - Sub offers me magic, and physical dodge for bursting/getting trained
    - WW mobility is not only really useful, but fun.. and juking people with teleport makes it even more enjoyable.
    - Sub has stealth


    - WW is pretty much dead in 1v1 if im out of CD, no karma, no stun, no roll,etc..
    - Sub relies alot being on shadow dance..
    - Sub sustain outweighs WW sustain ( imo, dont really know how it is in legion )

    I was gna decide to just flip a coin, but i wana hear whats your opinion on these classes..

    As writing this, i was hoping to find and weigh the pros and cons.. but each class playstyle has its upside for the cons...


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    I'm in the exact same situation. Having trouble deciding between WW or Sub rogue. I'm currently leaning towards WW due to the fact that Sub control was shafted pretty hard with the introduction of the Relentless, the honor talent that reduces all CC duration by 20% as well as many players going Orc for the stacking reduction of stun CC. Not being able to Sap out of Kidney Shot and barely sap out of Blind removes a lot of depth that makes sub rogue fun.

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    You're not alone in not knowing

    I'm stuck between destro and affli lock. Another option is rogue, but I find them extremely boring in PvE and also they're just sitting at bases in RBGs (or were, fuck knows). I hate base sitting. Boredom, boredom, boredom then instant rise in blood pressure when someone appears and the team's hatred towards me should I lose the battle/base

    Ah, these choices.

    And with Relentless, I'm curious how flag capping will work
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    Windwalker and Subtlety are both OP FotM reroller specs right now. They likely will be nerfed in the 1st season because it's too late now for launch; if they don't then expect to see at least half of FotM'ers as WW or Sub.

    Same old shit from Blizz.

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    WW any day over Sub ... Now Outlaw is another story ..

    Look at the PvP talents they will help you a lot in choosing ..

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    I suppose it's a good thing that I'll be too busy to play for most of September. That will give me more time to decide.
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    WW is the most braindead pvp spec in a while.

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