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    Death Knight, RBGs and TC'ing.

    So, I've been wondering for a while now where Death Knights will stand in terms of RBGs. I took to target calling in WoD and it went pretty well-ish, though I was, for obvious reasons, predominantly Frost throughout.

    In Legion though - only five hours away mind you - I'm curious as to whether or not you think Blood might be a viable snatch in RBGs at all? It certainly has a few abilities from the PvP talents - Murderous Intent for one - that add more utility to the mix.

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    It can be viable at lower rating, but at high you need dmg pressure. UH/Frost do better dmg than Blood, hence more pressure, it is my opinion ofc but i doubt ppl will bring a Blood for TC/dps. Maybe tanks like DH vengeance or Prot Pally will have spot in RBGs for FCing, but thats just to run flags not TC.

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