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    last friday i was honor lvl 18, i got 3 glad pieces 840 ilvl in one day, now i am honor lvl 44 and nothing, only 805ilvl pvp gear over past 3 days

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    I got 840 cloaks available in WQs as soon as I hit honor lvl 19, in ilvl 845 gear.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Haidaes View Post
    Okay, thanks. At least I can hope they will be available some time.. today so far were 3x rings in varying degrees of awful.
    actually got them twice, Gl to you

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    Quote Originally Posted by JhonnyQ View Post
    actually got them twice, Gl to you
    Had to burn some overtime to get them, because loot in the EU seems to spawn always during work hours, but got them. I love that set.

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    I got my first WQ with a 840 reward at honor level 4.. Today I woke up with 3 Vindictive rewards on my DK who is now at honor level 17, but my mage at honor level 13 only had 805 pieces from the same WQs.
    You were good, kid, real good. But as long as I'm around, you'll always be second best, see?
    Oh, and no comment from Xe'ra about how the assault on the black temple was being led in part by the naaru. So was hatred corrupting A'dal's mind too, you pretentious windchime?
    - Volpethrope

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    WQ pvp objectives began to pop 840 gear for me at honor level 20 or so. Since that point I haven't gotten anything lower. No gear from boxes, only mark of honor , AP and stuff like that.
    I think my overall item level was around 835 at that time, if that had anything to say. Had a 825 neck, 835/ 830 rings and stuff like that. 2x 830 trinkets.
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    So is there no vendors at all to get missing pieces with MoH?

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    Quote Originally Posted by OGXanos View Post
    So is there no vendors at all to get missing pieces with MoH?
    No. MoH are ONLY for previous expansions gear

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    the way you will se more vindictive items are related not with honor lvl, most likely for rating on 2v2 and 3v3.
    i remember reading it lately, cannot find the post tho, when i do i will paste the link here.

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