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    Question Who is the best bodyguard?

    Hello. I was just curious. Between the two bodyguards a demon hunter gets, which dishes out more DPS or is more useful than the other? I'm talking of course of Shade of Akama and Belath Dawnblade. I've been using Belath for a bit. What is everyone's opinion of either?

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    Feels like Beleth does alot more damage so I am using him. Although I haven't used Shade for a long time so might break him out again and see how his damage is now.

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    I think beleth does more damage but other than that its also more convenient since his aoe is not ground based.

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    I raise you from the dead!

    Which bodyguard is worth using for DHs? I'm dusting off my DH and I can't decide who to use as a bodyguard. I'm asking because I got 3 very nice on quest legendaries from the command center and I don't want to waste them.

    I did some testing and the naga lady does abysmal damage. As a bodyguard her damage and healing are negligible and her knockup CC is if anything annoying because she knocks mobs out of range. As a proc her damage is beyond abysmal, it's like a few hundred thousand damage every few minutes. The only positive I see is the 10% haste buff she occasionally gives, but it has very low uptime.

    Kayn is the other bodyguard I tested out, and he also does completely negligible damage; a few hundred thousand damage every few minutes. His tooltip says he also boost your defense, but I have not noticed anything. I suspect he might give a couple of seconds of dodge or something when he procs? tl;dr useless.

    The others are permanent bodyguards that can keep you in combat and be annoying. Are any of them any good though? What about the matron, is her damage notable?

    Meatball seems to be the last but useful option to me, but as he is also a permanent bodyguard I don't like using him.

    Who do you use?

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    i would also like to know ...
    Was using belath, but i cant stand anymore his runing around and flying in my face and not seeing shit...

    I use as a flying mount the disc cos its minimalist and doesnt have huge animations, and boy does belath ruin that. So which is a semi decent follower which gives you the ability and is not present all the time ?

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    Meatball, has an ability that kills any thing once it reaches 20% HP, 20 Mins CD I think, resets when you zone in/out. Super helpful with Rares

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    I like snek lady. I gave her 3 50g Armaments and now I get 150g and 100 OH resources every time I do a WQ.

    Kinda sucks her bubble/haste buff got nerfed though.
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    Meatball. if you fast pull you can get up to 50% increased damage buff from him. when a rare reaches 20% he oneshots them, have a fairly short CD.

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